Onboarding Project Overview 

This Xplor Onboarding help centre is designed to provide you with detailed steps to help your migration to Xplor.  

This should be used as a guide only and not as the only way of implementation; however, the guide provides some logical steps to implement and considerations outside of the actual product when rolling out the service.  

Your onboarding specialist will support you in these tasks, however it's important to be a strong project leader for your assigned tasks and responsibilities, to keep the onboarding plan moving and communicate with your stakeholders (educators, centre directors and parents) what needs to be done as timely as possible. 

This help-centre should be your first step when searching for guidance on any task. If you still cannot find the answer here, or require further help, your onboarding specialist will be able to assist.  

The Milestones of Onboarding 

We have broken down the Onboarding project into 5 key milestones. This help centre provides step-by-step guides with each milestone. 

Below is an overview of each milestone, you will find more detailed information on each milestone, throughout the onboarding help section. 

Please note that these milestone steps may differ depending on what your Xplor Package is and what your circumstances are. 



Milestones Overview

Milestone 1 - Setup

Welcome Call

  • Meet your onboarding specialist for the first time! Your onboarding specialist will be your point of contact throughout your transition.
  • Create an onboarding plan with your onboarding specialist 
  • Ask any questions you have about your onboarding process

Office - Service Configuration 

  • You will be trained to configure your service settings
  • Add in your fees, rooms, and other administrator users
  • If you wish to use a payment gateway, start completing the application form to make the application as quick as possible!

Milestone 2 - Data Population

  • Send necessary reports from your current software to your onboarding specialist to migrate parent, child, and booking data
  • Check and approve the final data
  • Once approved, data is to be uploaded by your onboarding specialist 

*The milestone steps may differ depending on what your current software is and what your circumstances are.

Milestone 3 - Training

  • Sign up to our live webinars and attend the relevant lessons to you! 
  • If you cannot attend our live webinars, you can watch our recorded ones 

Milestone 4 - Parent Onboarding

  • Communicate the software transition to your parents 1-2 weeks before live week
  • When you are ready, your onboarding specialist will send out welcome emails to your parents
    • Encourage parents to create passwords from this email to get them as prepared as possible for live week

Milestone 5 - Live week 

This will be your first week of using Office. 

  • Key focuses
    • Ensuring your parents are signed up to Home so attendances are captured
    • Scheduled payments (if relevant)
    • CCS connection
    • Parent balance transfers to be imported.

Milestone 6 - Support Handover 

During your first few weeks of being live, you can still contact your onboarding specialist for any questions you have.

Once you have settled in, we will hand you over to our dedicated and knowledgeable support team.


Project Timeline for Onboarding - QK customers  

The rollover to Xplor will take on average 5 weeks and will include up to 36 tasks per service shared between you and your Onboarding Specialist, averaging a total of around 10 hours of work over the 5 weeks. 

It is important to consider that your onboarder does not have direct access to QK. 

Project Timeline for Onboarding - External software or no software 

The rollover to Xplor will take on average 5 weeks and will include numerous tasks per service shared between you and your Onboarding Specialist, averaging a total of around 10 hours of work over the 5 weeks 

Project Timeline for Onboarding - New centre  

Look at a possible timeline based on your availability to set up and implement this onboarding project plan. As the centre is yet to be operational, the rollover to Xplor will take on average 3 weeks and will include various tasks shared between you and your onboarding specialist.