Account Upgrade: Why do I need to update my account?

The Account Upgrade was released on Friday, 6 August at 12am AEST

We are excited to introduce our most recent feature release that will allow you to enrol at multiple centres using one email address. You'll need to update your account information, if you're an existing Xplor user, to take full advantage of this feature release.

To get on board, look for the below email in your inbox and follow the prompts.


What do I do with my "+1" email?

To enrol at another centre you may have had to use a "+1" in your email. Great news! With this new feature release, this is no longer needed.

To remove your "+1" email and for any other contact information changes, contact your childcare centre admin to update your contact details.

Parent Steps

  1. Contact your centre to remove the "+1" from your email.
  2. Go to your inbox to complete the "Create Account" email and with a single click your accounts will be linked.

Once confirmed, you're done and ready to use your one email across multiple centres now and in the future.

Administrators, see here for more details on updating accounts. 

I'm a Hub Guest with a "+1" email, how do I change this? 

The child's primary carer can now reinvite you using your preferred email address. Parent guide on inviting Hub Guests here

Troubleshooting Guide