Contacts are people nominated by the Primary Carer of a child who are authorised to sign a child in/out of the centre using the Xplor Hub on the centre's tablet within the service.

Contacts (also referred to as Authorised Nominees) added by a primary carer will be automatically added to the Contacts Tab on Office and are able to be added, edited or removed by centre administrators at the primary carers request. 

Contacts cannot log in to Home Web or Home App. They can only log into the HUB at the service using their account details.




Inviting a Contact

Primary carers are able to invite contacts to create an account through the Xplor Home App. To do so:

1. As the Primary Carer, log into your Xplor Home App

2. Navigate to Account


3. Select Contact


4. Select the Child you are wanting to add a contact to


5. Press the +Add on the top right of the screen


5. Select either Add Existing Contact or Add New Contact 


6. Fill out the Contact details


Note: the below information is required.

  • Email is required and must be in a standard format (ie
  • First name is required
  • Last name is required
  • Mobile Number
  • Authorisations

7. Once completed, select Send Invite

Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_1.16.04_pm.png      Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_12.35.09_pm.png

8. You will now be able to see the Invitee under Contacts attached to the child you selected. 


9. Done

Note: The Contact recipient has 24 hours to create their account before the email invite expires. 

Creating a Contact Account

Once a Primary Carer has invited a Contact, they will be emailed a Welcome invitation that looks like this: 


The invitee is to press 'Accept Invite' and will be taken to the below:


Press 'Create Account' and you will be prompted to create a password that is 8 characters in length and includes a capital letter, number and special character. Then press 'Next':


Create a 4 digit Account Pin. This can be used to sign in with your mobile number which you will enter in the next step. Press 'Next':


Enter your mobile number. Press 'Next':


That's it! You have successfully created your Contact Account! You can now use your mobile number and 4 digit Account Pin at the centre's HUB to sign the child in and out of the service. 


How to Sign into the HUBS

Contacts are able to sign into the centres HUB using a combination of either their email address and password OR mobile number and pin. 

Once signed into the HUB they are able to sign the child/children in and/or out of the centre.

Viewing Contacts on the Home App

Primary carers have the ability to view Contacts linked to their child's account on their Xplor Home App by navigating as follows:

  1. Sign into your Xplor Home App
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Contacts
  4. Select Child
  5. Done

Through this screen primary carers will see a list of Contact, the primary carer will be able to update information such as the authorisations for this contact, their mobile number, address, name and relationship to the child. 

Note: Primary carers will not be able to change the status of Collection authorisation for any contact, they will need to contact the service to have this changed if required.


Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_12.35.24_pm.png Updating_Contact.gif

To remove a Contact, the Primary Carer needs to contact their centre admin team.


How can family members/friends sign the child out?

If a person needs to be authorised to sign in/sign out a child, they need to be added either as a Parent/Guardian or a Contact.

  • Contacts will need to be added by primary carers through their app. Instructions on how to do this can be found above, in this article.
  • Parent/Guardian will need an administrator of the service the child is attending to add these profiles. Please head to this article HERE to view how to add a parent/guardian to a child's account.

What is my limit with how many Contacts I can add to my account?

There is no limit to the number of Parent/Guardian or Contacts accounts that can be linked to the child's profile.

What if the nominated Contact does not have an email address? 

They will need to have an email address linked to create and account and to access the sign in/sign out function on the HUB.