eDDR on Enrolment Forms

Parents and guardians at services using Debitsuccess are now able to create a direct debit account when enrolling their child, without needing to log in to the Home App. A copy of the completed eDDR (electronic direct debit request) form will now also be sent via email to the parent and centre when the Debitsuccess account setup is completed.


Activating the eDDR Enrolment Form

If your centre has an integration with the payment platform Debitsuccess Xpay, you are eligible for the eDDR enrolment form set up. Please note, First Data Xpay users do not yet have access to the eDDR feature.
This feature is automatically switched on for centres. To turn it off, head to Settings > Service Settings > click your centre name > select 'App Settings' from the top menu > scroll down to Office and toggle the button from orange to grey on Enrolment eDDR > scroll down and hit 'save'. 




Service Steps

When a new family enrols a child at your centre, if the family has never had a bank account or direct debit information linked at your service, upon completing their enrolment form they will be taken through to a Debitsuccess secure page to add their bank account or credit card details. 

Once they complete this process, you will receive an automated email that looks like this:  Screen_Shot_2021-07-22_at_1.06.07_pm.png

Previously, Xplor automatically generated a weekly Thursday payment plan for families, with the eDDR set up, your centre will need to complete this step. It gives your centre full control over which date, day of the week and payment schedule set up you create for your families. For more information on Creating and Updating parent payment plans, please head HERE.

Parent Steps

On completion of your enrolment form, the final page includes a number of questions to which you will be asked to agree or disagree to. Once each question has had an answer selected, scroll through and read the terms and conditions of the eDDR form, if you agree select the box on the right-hand side, tick the 'I am not a robot' box, then hit 'complete'.



You will now be taken to a secure Debitsuccess page to add your bank account or credit card details. 

Simply follow the prompts to add your information:







Once completed, you will receive an email confirming your enrolment and a copy of the agreed-upon terms and conditions with Debitsuccess.

Please note the transaction charges listed on page 4 of your agreement. 




If after completing your enrolment you see the below message, this may indicate that you already have a Debitsuccess account created. If you are uncertain, please login to the Home App head to Account > Finance and check Debit Set up / Change Direct Debit. If you see the ‘Debit Setup’ option, please click and complete the process by entering your bank details. If ‘Change Direct Debit’ no action is required. For further information on how to set up or change your direct debit details through the Home App, please head HERE.
If you attend more than one centre and need to access financial information, please see instructions on how to toggle between centres on the Home App HERE.