Account Upgrade: What is being upgraded?

The Account Upgrade was released on Friday, 6 August at 12am AEST

What is being upgraded?

In the Xplor Account Upgrade release, unique emails for parents, educators, and hub guests will no longer be required. This means:

  • Centres will no longer receive a "This email is already in use" error when adding parents or educators in Office.

  • Parents will be able to enrol in any number of centres/providers using the same email. They will no longer receive an error stating their “email already exists at another Xplor service”. 

  • Hub Guests will be able to use their email address in any number of centres/providers with a substantially simplified, one-time setup for Hub sign-in/out.

More information for the Xplor account holders HERE.

Administrators, what do you need to prepare? 

For Playground App Users, download the most recent Playground App. 2.10.0 or higher.

Please check out this article - Account Upgrade: Office (Admins) - What do I need to know? - for more relevant information

What does this mean for an account using a "+1" email? 

Administrators can remove the “+1” from parent or educator accounts via Office. Once the +1 is removed and saved, the user will immediately receive a confirmation email to merge both accounts together with a single click.

For Hub Guests, parents can re-invite the Hub Guest with their preferred email (without the +1). Administrators can then delete the +1 Hub Guests account via Profiles > Children > Hub Guest tab.