Release Notes: 9th July 2021

We have some exciting enhancements to share with our services. 

Please Note: The new functionality that we are announcing today will be available to services, educators and parents one week from now, on the 16th of July.

You can add additional subscribers to our emailed release notes here.

eDDR on Enrolment Forms

Parents and guardians at services using Debitsuccess are now able to create a direct debit account when enrolling their child, without needing to log in to the Home App. A copy of the completed eDDR form will now also be sent via email to the parent and centre when the Debitsuccess account setup is completed. Detailed information about eDDR can be found here

Session Multi Sign-in/out

Administrators can now add more than one attendance to a session in Office at a time. Additionally, where applicable, all sign-in/out pairs will be sent to CCS as part of weekly submissions. We have also revamped the attendance tab on the child profile to show this information.

Parents and Educators are now able to see a record of all sign-in/outs in the Home and Playground apps, respectively, as opposed to just the most recent attendance.

Child Tagging Shortcuts (Playground Web)


Educators can tag and untag groups of children when drafting documents, canvases and tables with the click of a button with our new Shortcuts feature (beta). Taggable shortcuts will include the entire service, children with bookings and rooms.

ParentTV on Home App

When we released the first batch of Home+ parenting content, we promised to keep adding to the content library – so we’re adding more great content from another great new Australian content-provider.

We’re excited to announce ParentTV and Xplor have a new partnership to bring more fresh vetted & research-based content to Home+ with the first batch of videos arriving 16 July. This content is provided to all Xplor customers and their families for free.

ParentTV is a streaming platform featuring personalised parenting advice from the world’s leading research-based parenting experts, including accredited child psychologists, paediatricians, dieticians, therapists and other professionals in the childhood development industry.

Learn more about ParentTV on their website and ParentTV Explained video.