CCS Estimations

If you have checked a child's Government Enrolment and they have active CCS entitlements but their CCS is not showing on the Master Roll or on the Parent Statement, the below two steps can help to bring these estimates through. 

1. Head to the Master Roll > click the grey box next to the child's name in question so it ticks orange > click the green 'settings' circle on the top right-hand corner of Master Roll: 





2. Press Tools > Update Accounts 'Update' 



3. Then, head to a Profiles > Children > search for the child, jump into their profile > untick 'CCS estimation' then press save > tick 'CCS estimation' then save again to bump the changes through. 




4. Refresh your browser, and the Master Roll should then reflect any eligible CCS estimates. Give the system roughly 5 - 15minutes to update the changes on the parent account and show the CCS estimates on the parent statement. 


If you have completed these steps and the CCS is still not showing, please get in touch with the support team.