Release Notes: 25th June 2021

We have some exciting enhancements and fixes to share with our services. Remember to stay subscribed to these emails to ensure you receive helpful updates on new features.

Please Note: The new functionality that we are announcing today will be available to services, educators and parents one week from now, on the 2nd of July. The account system upgrade will be released on the 6th of August.

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Enrolment Form Updates

We will be making the following changes to fields that appear on the standard and custom enrolment forms:

  • Under Allergies, “Diabetes” and “Epilepsy” will no longer be shown.

  • Under Religion, we have added “Anglican” and “Lutheran”

If Diabetes or Epilepsy was selected when a child was enrolled prior to this change being released, this information will still be visible on the child profile.

Fixes and Changes

Enhancements & bug fixes that are now live:

  • Office: As a reminder, last week we extended the ability to create bookings to 8 years into the future. We have now also implemented a fix to the Master Roll so that your spot on the screen will be saved when you navigate to and from the new bookings screen.

  • Office: We have added a few minor enhancements to Comms Centre based on your feedback:

    • When adding contacts, you can now filter based on children who are active, inactive or waitlisted

    • You can also filter by children with a booking for the current day

    • We have also provided you with an option to choose different font sizes when creating a post.

  • Office: You can now run a report that will display all Booking Patterns in your centre. You can find the report under Attendance ReportsRecurring Bookings.

Account System Upgrade

We are excited to announce that we have finished work on upgrading our account signup and login system. We’re now preparing for release on Friday, 6 August at 12am AEST. As part of this release process, we’re inviting centres to see all of the improvements we’ve made via live webinars in the weeks preceding the release. (See bottom section for registration links.)

What is being upgraded?

We are upgrading the system that enables parents, educators, and Hub Guests to manage multiple profiles with one login (Xplor ID). At the moment, there’s a complex process for these users to get started in Xplor. This complexity is added to when a user has an email already in use in Xplor.

After the release of the account upgrade work, unique emails for parents, educators, and hub guests will no longer be required. This means:

  • Centres will no longer receive a "This email is already in use" error when adding parents or educators in Office.

  • Parents will be able to enrol in any number of centres/providers using the same email. They will no longer receive an error stating their “email already exists at another Xplor service”. 

  • Hub Guests will be able to use their email address in any number of centres/providers with a substantially simplified, one-time setup for Hub sign in/out.

Note: existing accounts will be able to login to Xplor products as normal. 

How does it work?

  • If a profile is added that already exists in the Xplor ecosystem, the system will simply send a magic link email to the profile owner asking for permission to merge the profiles with a single click.

  • If a profile is added that does not yet exist in the Xplor ecosystem, the account will be created normally. If any future profiles are added using the same email, they will be merged with one click by the profile owner via the magic link email.

What is a magic link email?

A magic link email is an email sent to a parent, educator or Hub Guest profile owner containing a link that, once clicked, automatically takes care of the profile merging process.

To see these changes in action, join a webinar listed at the bottom of this email. (Recordings will be made available.)

Do centres need to do anything to prepare?

Centres need to ensure they have the most recent version of Playground App (2.10.0 or higher) running. This is the minimum version that enables the new account functionality. If you do not have version 2.10.0 or higher running, new educators created after 12am AEST on Friday, 6 August will not be able to sign into Playground App.

When are the webinars?

We have four planned webinars that you can attend to see the upgrades before they release. Recordings will also be made available. Click either link to register: