Release Notes: 14th April 2020

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. 

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Playground v2.2.0

We are excited to release the much anticipated Live Learning feature in this update to the Playground Application. This feature allows you to livestream from the Playground App to parents using the Home App.


Some of the changes to Playground App:

  • Stream learning to parents who are using the Home App
  • Educators will be able to share a live video with parents and see a list of participants in the Playground App
  • Ensure you update to the latest version of the Playground Application to gain access to Live Learning.
  • Parents will need the latest version of the Home Application to view live learning
  • General performance enhancements and improvements

Home v1.05

Parents will be able to view live learning streams from Educators on the go in this update to the Home Application.


In this new version of Home:

  • You can tap on a Live Learning notification to open the live stream
  • You can watch live streamed learning sessions from Educators
  • Parents will need the latest version of the Home Application to view live learning
  • There are general performance enhancements and improvements

Introducing Hub 2.0 

Hub 2.0 is a redesign to the original Hub with a great new User Interface and simple enhancements to both Attendances for parents and children and Educator shifts.


In this new version of the Hub:

  • Pin Codes and Phone Numbers now have a brand new number pad to input digits.
  • Parents and educators can sign in with Xplor ID
  • Parents can select from a list of available sessions when their child has no current booking for the day
  • Educators can now start and stop breaks in their shifts
  • Educators can now leave shift comments

Important notes for services:

  • Hub 2 will be available to use from Friday, April 17 
  • Services will need to refresh the Hub after the release
  • Services will need to log in again after the release
  • Hub2 has a switcher to allow users to log in with either phone and pin, or their email and password
  • Parents and Educators will now need to navigate to Xplor ID (Home Web, Playground Web, or directly to to configure phone numbers and pins for Hub login.

Introducing Xplor ID

Xplor ID allows one email and password (or phone and pin) for parents, educators and hub guests to log into our products. 

Users navigate through the simple flow with handy help instructions to merge together all of their parent, educator and Hub Guest profiles across any number of services and providers in Home to unify them under one set of shared credentials.

That means the next time that they visit the Hub, Home Web, or Playground Web, users can simply log in with the same credentials and choose from their many roles from there.


Important notes for services:

  • Xplor ID will be available to use from Friday, April 17 
  • Currently, Xplor ID works with Playground Web, Home Web, and Hub2
  • Currently, Xplor ID works for educator, parent and Hub Guest logins. It does not support administrator logins.
  • The Playground App and Home App do not currently support Xplor ID
  • Home App support is coming soon!

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