Release Notes: 7th March 2020

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. 

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Features & Enhancements

Provider-level CCS Submissions and Enrolment Status Reports

Users with either the Provider Admin or Super Admin user role can now see the status of CCS submissions (within the most recent fortnight), and enrolments for all active child profiles, for all services within the provider group.

There’s more information about these reports, including how to run and view them, here

Include weekends in Occupancy Utilisation Report

To assist services with weekend sessions, the Xplor Occupancy Utilisation Report has been modified to allow users to include or exclude weekends from the report export. 

When generating a report, choose the ‘Include Saturday and Sunday’ option to include weekends in the export. This option is disabled by default.

Hide ‘Direct Debit’ options on parent statements

Parent statements have now been modified to hide the ‘direct debit’ option for services who have not configured a payment gateway option in Xplor. 

Furthermore, for services with this option enabled, the statement now directs parents to Xplor home to configure their payment details.

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