Release Notes: 28th February 2020

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services.

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Features & Enhancements

Home v1.0.2

In this first update to the Home Application, we are focusing on fixing issues after the initial release of the Home Application for parents. This is what we've done so far:

  • Resolved an issue that led to crashes on iPad tablets.
  • Resolved an issue where parents could not see a CCS entitlement % when billing in arrears.
  • Resolved an issue in iOS for users with 12 hour time configured on their device in the United Kingdom.
  • Added support for parents with inactive children in a service.
  • Resolved an issue in iOS that prevented parents from posting images from the gallery when creating a moment.
  • Resolved an issue in Android that led to moments displaying for the wrong day.
  • Resolved a number of crashes and stability issues for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Added deep-linking to notifications: pressing on a notification now directs you straight to a specific event.

Enhanced CCS Reporting - Enrolments Report and Submissions Report

In order to assist services with managing a large number of CCS Enrolments, we have updated the CCS Provider Level Enrolments and Submissions reports. 

The Enrolments Report will now display all children across a provider, including the following additional information:

  • Has Signed CWA
  • CCS Enrolment ID
  • CCS Enrolment Type
  • CCS Enrolment Status

The CCS Enrolment Status that will be displayed relates to the latest occurrence for the Enrolment ID. 

The Submissions report will now additionally show whether a child has CCS submittable bookings in the Master Roll, whether or not a week was successfully submitted and any errors that have been returned by the government.

These reports will allow providers to troubleshoot any issues arising from CCS enrolments or bookings that are missing information or in a status which will not allow for subsidy to be paid to the service.

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