Updating MyChild Vacancies

MyChild Information and Vacancies

MyChild Information and vacancies can be found in Xplor Office by:

- Navigating to Child Care Subsidy
- Selecting Service Registration Details
- Searching for the childcare
- Under 1 CCS Service Registration, clicking +Actions
- Selecting 'Update MyChild Information and Vacancies'
- Allocating the days where the service has vacancies, then selecting Update MyChild.

The system will automatically submit these vacancies to the government every week, For anything else to do with MyChild, this is updated through PEP. 

This system does not push fee schedules onto MyChild. This function only updates the vacancies once a week with the government.

Furthermore, when services update their vacancies, this will update to the government directly but not necessarily pull through to MyChild. For this to be directly resolved, the service will have to contact PEP directly.