CCS Troubleshooting Checklist

If you have a child that has not been paid their CCS for a particular week, or weeks, and you’re not sure why, this checklist contains a list of things to look for. Following these steps will often lead to the source of the problem and its solution.

1. Does the government enrolment have any error messages. If so, what are they?

Has the CWA been signed? If not, ensure that it is. Is the enrolment ‘pending MyGov approval’? If not, ensure that the parent completes this step. Is the enrolment ‘confirmed’ or is it sitting at a ‘received status’ (see screenshot)? It must be ‘confirmed’.


2. Is the enrolment start date on the government enrolment accurate? Does the enrolment need backdating?

The enrolment start date in the profile is not the relevant date here. On the CWA, under “View occurrences”, you can check that the enrolment start date covers the weeks that have not been paid. If it does not, backdate the enrolment start date using the “Actions” button and then run the submissions for the weeks that have been missed. This is very common issue for new families that have not received subsidy for their first few weeks.


3. Are the entitlements showing on the enrolment, both hours and CCS percentage?

This view is a window into the government system. If the CCS percentage has dropped to zero, or the hours show as N/A (or any amount below what the parent thinks they are entitled to), the parent will need to contact Centrelink to enquire as to why this is the case.


4. Have the submissions successfully run for the child for all relevant weeks? If not, what are the error messages telling you?

Find the child and the week for which the subsidy has not been received and check if the submission is processed. If the submission is there, the parent will need to contact Centrelink to find out why CCS was not paid for this week. If the submission is not there, you can attempt to run the submission. If this fails, the error message you see will determine how to resolve the issue (check point 2, above, if you run into this issue).

If you see this error, “Government error message: Contents must differ to previous Session Report for Action VARY”, this means that the submission you are running is exactly the same as the original submission. Resubmitting in this case won’t necessarily resolve the issue unless you have been instructed by the government to do so.


If you have followed all of the steps above and you cannot resolve the issue, please direct the affected parent to Centrelink for assistance.

This link contains a flow chart with detailed information about the steps shown above.