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Hub Guest Lists

Parents are able to view all the Hub Guests that have access to the children on their account. Hub Guests are able to sign children in and out using the hub at the service. Hub Guests are not able to log in to Home web and app; they will only be able to log into the hub at the service. See the section, 'Hub Guest Sign In Process', below. 


When viewing the list of invited hub guests, the parent will be able to clearly see how the invitation has been accepted. When a hub guest has accepted the invitation, they will have gone through the process to create an account in Home and will have their associated email address displayed underneath their name.

Hub guests who have not yet accepted the invitation will be easily identifiable as the text below their name will display how long ago the invitation was sent.

Invite Hub Guest

Parents are able to invite a new hub guest to be able to sign in and out their children from childcare.


When inviting a new hub guest:

  • Email is required and must be in a standard format (ie [email protected])
  • First name is required
  • Last name is required
  • Address is required. 

Parent receives an error when trying to send invite

Typically any errors that occur when inviting hub guests will be because there is already a hub guest with that email associated with the parent account. Adding in details of a previously invited hub guest will not send the invitation again, this should be done through the Office platform via the service administrator.

Hub Guest Sign In Process

As a Hub Guest, you have access to sign a child in and out of bookings using the Hub in the front foyer of the child's service. There are two ways you can use the Hub: Email address and Password, or access code (mobile and PIN).


  1. From your email inbox, accept the invitation to become a Hub Guest;
  2. A second email will arrive for you to create a password. Click ‘Create Password';
  3. When you arrive at your service, go to the Hub and tap ‘Parent Sign In’;
  4. Select ‘Forgot Code’ and then tap ‘Use Password’;
  5. Enter your Email address and password to sign in/out the child.


Please make sure to set aside about 5 minutes to do this and have access to your email inbox. You need to set up this access code prior to arriving at the child's service 

  1. From your email inbox, accept the invitation to become a Hub Guest;
  2. A second email will arrive for you to create a password. Click ‘Create Password’;
  3. After creating a password  click here to create an Xplor ID (mobile and PIN);
  4. Enter in your email address and password:


Select Merge Profiles (do not skip this step as this is required even if you only have one profile!) You will see the screen below. Select ‘Merge profiles’:


6. Select ‘Merge profiles & create Xplor ID’:


7. Enter your email address again:


8. Check your inbox. You should have received an email with a code. This could also be hiding in your junk or spam folders, so check these, too, if it's not in your inbox!:


9. Copy and paste the access code you have received via email into the ‘Code’ field:


10. Create a password:


11.You will find your existing profile on display. Select Finish:


12. Enter in your preferred mobile number (your primary contact phone number):


13. Create an access code (a 4 digit PIN). Click "Next". The mobile number you entered in the previous step, and the access code you create in this step, are used to log in to the Hub:


14. All done! You will see your email and mobile number on the final page:


15. When you arrive at the centre, access the Hub, then tap ‘Sign In’;

16. Enter your ‘Access Code’ (Mobile and Pin) to sign in/out the child.

If you've forgotten your mobile or PIN, please click here to reset your access code.