Messages in Home App

Messages are sent by your centre admins and can be found under the Accounts section in the Home app. Here, you can view the message, attachments and comment back to the centre staff.

Locate Messages

To view messages, open your Home App > Account > Messages.

In this list view, you will see:

  • The logo of the service that posted the message
  • The title of the message
  • A short description of the message
  • How long ago this message was sent

Tapping onto the message will show you the full message posted by the service.

If your service has not published any messages, then you will see a screen informing you that there are no posts to see.



View Messages

You will be able to view any messages that your childcare service/s sends you including any photos or links. You can also comment on these posts for the service admin to see if they have enabled this setting.


If the service admin has included any links, it will appear as underlined text for you to click on. This will result in the link opening in your preferred internet app. 

If there are any comments, they will be displayed underneath the message. Parents are able to comment on messages by typing in the section at the bottom of the screen where it says ‘Write a comment’ then pressing the send button on the right. 


Email Messages

Your centre may also send an alert for the same message to your email address.

You will receive an email from a no reply Xplor email address where you can view the details of the message, any links or images included by your centre and any attachments they have added.

You can reply to your centre directly by pressing the 'Reply' option in your email client.