Messages in Home App

Messages can be found under the Accounts section in the app. Here, the parent will find all the necessary communication coming from the services that their children attend in the form of Comms Centre Posts.


In this list view, parents will see:

  • The logo of the service that posted the message
  • The title of the message
  • A short description of the message
  • How long ago this post was made

Tapping onto the message will show the parent the full message posted by the service.

Parent doesn’t see any posts

When the service has not published any messages directed to the parent logged in, then they will see a screen informing them that there are no admin posts to see.

View a message

Parents will be able to view any messages that their childcare services send to them including any photos or links. They will also be able to comment on these posts for the service admin to see through the Office platform. At this stage, they will not receive any responses on their comments from the service. 


If the service admin has included an image, then it will appear at the top of the post. They will be able to view the image as full screen by tapping it.

If the service admin has included any links, it will appear at the bottom underneath the message. Tapping on the link will take the parent out of the app and open the link in a browser

If there are any comments, they will be displayed underneath the message. Parents are able to comment on messages by typing in the section at the bottom of the screen where it says ‘Write a comment’ then pressing the send button on the right. 

Parent is unable to comment

If the comment could not be posted, the parent will most likely see a ‘retry’ option next to the comment they just tried to post. If there is no internet connection, and the comment couldn’t be posted, they should ensure that there is an active network connection (or try switching to wifi or mobile data) and tap on retry