Finance Tab

Please note that only primary carers will be able to see financial information and only parents enrolled at DebitSucess-enabled centres will have access "Pay Now" and "Setup Direct Debit" menu items.


Finance Screen Overview


Click a number on the tabs below to find out more about the corresponding section of the Finance screen pictured above.

1 2 3 4 56 78 910

Tapping this circle in the top right of your screen opens the "Centre Switcher" and allows you to switch between the centres attached to your account, if there is more than one.



Statement Screen Overview


The statement view shows the current week, with the date range being able to be changed. You will be able to see the opening balance at the start of the date range, the fees incurred during this period, estimated subsidy and total amount due. If the date range is for weeks after your subsidy has been processed by the government, actual subsidy will be displayed instead of estimated. 

Changing Date

Pressing on the date range will allow you to select. Only Mondays may be selected. 

Downloading Detailed Statement

Pressing the download button on the top right of the screen will download a PDF of the detailed transactions which have occurred during the specified date range.



Finance/Statement Screen Errors

Non-primary Carer User

If the parent user is a non-primary carer, they will not see any financial information and will instead see an error message advising them of this.

Unstable Connection

If your device has an unstable connection to the internet, an error message will display and no financial data will load. Pressing back and returning to the financial tab will resolve the issue.

No Financial Information

If there is no existing transaction data, an error message will display.