Updated Xplor Hub

Why has the Hub Changed?

In preparation for the release of the new Xplor Home application for Parents on February 16th, Xplor has made some minor changes to the Xplor Hub to add support for the Home Application including QR codes. 

What Has Changed?

While the underlying functionality of the Hub has not changed, some of the design on the Hub Dashboard has been updated to include support for QR codes and a new style change with new colours. You may also notice the new layout of the dashboard, which now allows you to access all the features of the hub without scrolling.

The attendance, educator shift and visitor log features are all exactly the same as before.

The QR codes within the Hub will be replacing our previous beacon system.

What You Need to Know

You will need to refresh the Hub to gain access to the updated design. 

If you are using a device in Guided Access mode, you will need to first unlock the device. If you are using an iPad for your Hub, see instructions for turning Guided Access on and off here.

Once you have access to the device, refresh the hub webpage. The new version of the Hub will be loaded. 

How to Deal with Problems

Q: I can’t see the new Hub

A: First check that you have refreshed the web browser that is displaying the Hub as per the instructions. If you have an internal IT department managing your hardware and cannot refresh your hub or disable guided access mode, please contact this team to walk you through this process.

If you are still not seeing the updated Hub, try logging out of the Hub by clicking the ‘Service Sign Out’ button and logging in again

Q: How do parents scan the QR Code?

A: Parents will need to download the new Home App in order to make use of the QR sign in function. This new Hub is being released early in preparation for the Home App, which will be available on February 16th.

Q: The QR Code is showing a ‘Code has expired’ error for parents in Xplor Home

A: The QR code is automatically and periodically refreshed by the Xplor Hub and requires an active internet connection to refresh. Check your network connection is active and if your QR code is still not updated, refresh the Hub web browser on your device.

What You'll See