Digital Attendance Summaries

A summary of all the sign in/outs for a child can be found in multiple parts of the platform. These can generated for all children or on an individual level. The following page runs through the places these summaries can be pulled from and what each one includes.

Attendance Summary Report (Multiple or Individuals)

The attendance summary report provides a detailed list of all bookings for a specified period of time. This report has all the bookings, not just those attended. The report includes the child name, room, fee type, fee amount, as well as the digital attendance information where applicable.


To generate the report, go to Reports > Attendance Reports > Attendance Summary. Filter by service, room, child and dates, relevant to your needs. Click 'Generate Report'. This will download a CSV file that can be opened in Excel. 

Parent Statement (Individuals)

On all parent statements is a Session Summary. This is a list of all the sessions for the children on the account. It includes data on the session start and end time as well as the attendance start and end times. 


To download a parent statement, click Financial > Parent Accounts > Find the parent > 'Statement' > Download Parent Statement. This will generate a PDF download of the full statement. The session summary can be found towards the bottom of the statement.

Child Profile (Individuals)


A summary of attendances for a child can be found on their profile. This includes all information relating to those attendances including:

  • The date and times of the attendance
  • The room the session was in
  • The total hours the child attended
  • Who signed the child in and out
  • The device through which the child was signed in and out

To access this information, head to Profiles > Children > Find the child in the list > Click their name > Attendance.