Sign In/Out on Home App

The dashboard shows any bookings for the day for your children. If there are no bookings on that day, the child’s profile will display with description text that there are no bookings. 

sign_in_1.png . sign_in_2.png

Signing in to a Booking

1. To sign a child into their shift, click the button 'Sign In'

2. After pressing the Sign In button, the app will open a new screen on which you'll be prompted to scan the QR code available at the service

3. Click on 'Scan Code' to open the camera. If this is the first time signing in through the app, you will need to give permission to access the camera on your phone.


4. Once the camera opens, locate the QR code in the centre. If you are uncertain where this is being displayed, ask the centre staff to point you in the right direction. Ensure the QR code is within the box on the screen. The app will automatically authenticate the code once it is read correctly. 

If the QR code is declined, ensure you are close enough to the code and it is within the borders provided. If you are still having trouble, sign in using the HUB or ask the educators to sign in your child.


5. Once the code is successfully scanned, the welcome screen for the service will appear. If there is only one child, click the 'sign in' button to sign them into their shift.


If there are multiple children, select those you want to sign in, and click 'Confirm'


6. One the sign in is successful, a success screen will display. The child is signed in. Click 'Close' to get back to the dashboard.


Signing in Casually

If the child does not have an existing booking, follow the steps 1-5 of the sign in instructions above to sign in. If there is no booking, and bookings are available, the following screen will automatically appear:


Select the booking you wish to sign the child into. This will add the booking to your account and sign the child in.

If no sessions are available for your child the following screen will display. Please talk to your centre admins to see if spaces are available for that day.




If no bookings display, pull down the top of the page to refresh the timeline. 

If no children display, this is likely the result of 1 of 2 things:

  • The internet connection is unstable. Close the app, check your connection. Once working, open the app and pull down the screen to refresh the timeline. 
  • If the problem persists, it may be due to the profiles not being set up correctly. Contact the child care administrators to check the profile settings through their office platform.  

If a sign in fails, the following screen will display: