Notifying Your Centre - Absences & Holidays in Advance

On the Home app, parents have full access to view your child's bookings at the centre. You can notify the service of an absence or holiday. 

To view the current bookings, head to the bookings tab and click on a given day to see bookings for that day.

To view all bookings, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. A list of all bookings will be available.

Screenshot_2019-12-11-12-20-43-83.png Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-51-01-92.png

Notifying of Absences/Holidays

Tap on the '(+) New' button at the top right select 'absence or holiday'

Select the start and end date over which the absence/holiday will apply. Comments added here will be viewable by the Centre administrators. Toggle between absence/holiday relevant to the request.

Click 'Request' to send the holiday

The holiday/absence will be sent to the administrators and will need to be approved through their portal.

Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-44-49-46.png Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-45-22-45.png Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-45-31-11.png


Once acknowledged by the service, you will receive the following notification to your Home App: