Creating Bookings

Mobile bookings allow parents to view the available bookings for a service on a given day on the Home app and instantly book a session.

Click on the bookings tab. Click on the relevant day on the calendar. If there are no existing sessions, 'No Bookings' will display at the bottom of the screen. A session will need to be booked for this day.

Adding Bookings

To add a booking, click '(+) new'  in the top right hand corner and select 'Booking' in the pop up. Available sessions will be viewable for that day. Select the room and time you wish to book. 

Note: For multiple bookings, repeat the process above until all the sessions are selected. At this time, you can only add bookings but not delete them. You will have to contact the childcare centre to delete this for you if needed.

Once selected, click the pram icon in the top right hand corner to move to the summary screen. 

Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-43-55-98.png Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-44-49-46.png Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-44-16-53.png

The summary screen will display the name of the child, the sessions being booked at their price, time and room. If these are incorrect, click the back arrow to correct selections. Once happy with the selections, click 'Request'.

If the sessions have been booked successfully, the next screen will show a 'confirmed' status for the booking.

Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-44-20-60.png Screenshot_2019-12-11-11-44-26-44.png

If you have made a booking request - the screen will show a pending status - once the centre has either confirmed or rejected this request, you will receive a notification through your home app as follows: