Observations on Home App

Parents will need to be able to view observations that their child has been tagged in. They should be able to interact with educators and the parents of tagged children through public comments.


Viewing Observations

Observations are full of interesting information. To view an observation, head to the learning tab and click onto the observation in the timeline. The following information is viewable on each observation. 

  • Title and Description: written by the educator as a summary of the observation Learning outcomes being achieved through this observation
  • Tagged Children: the first names of the other children that have been tagged in the post.
  • Feelings: The observed feeling of the child if one was added to the observation
  • Comments: These comments are from other parents as well as educators and centre staff.
Viewing Media on Observations

The parent should be able to view the media that has been added to the observation, if any. In an observation, there is a cap of 16 images and 1 video that can be attached at one time. Swipe left to right to view photos on posts with multiple photos. Tap on an image to view it full screen.

Viewing videos

The parent should be able to view and play any attached videos and hear the sound of the video. If autoplay is enabled, the video will begin to autoplay. 

To make the video fullscreen, tap on the video. 

Commenting on Observations

Comments are created in a more communal way, such as social media platforms, and do not act as direct messages between the parent and educator. Comments from the logged in user will appear in grey, from other parents in orange, and from educators in green.

  1. Under the learning tab click on an observation to view it. 
  2. At the bottom of the observation, click the Screen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_11.07.00_am.png icon and you will be provided the option to write a comment.
  3. Type the comment and click 'Post'. 
  4. Comments will be viewable by the centre educators as well as the parents and guardians of other children tagged on the observation.


When the device is offline, the comment should fail to post. The parent should see an error saying that the comment failed and the option to try again should appear. Tapping try again should try to post it again.