Session, Payment and Child Summaries

Session Summary


The session summary includes attendance details of all sessions the child has on their account.

  • Date: The date of the session
  • Child Name: The name of the child
  • Absent: If the child is absent or does not have a sign in time on that day, a 'Y' will appear in the absent column
  • Session Start and End: Start and end times of the session, populated by the fee settings
  • Hours: The total hours between the session start and end
  • Sign-In, Sign-out: The actual time the child was electronically signed in and out of the session
  • Attendance Hours: The total hours between the sign in and out

Payment Summary


If direct debit is being used to take payments at the centre, the payment summary will be a running list of payments made on this account

  • Date: The date the payment was generated. This may be before the date the payment cleared.
  • Payment status: if the payment has cleared, the status will be completed. Other status options represent the status of the payment. They can include: rejected, pending, approved. Find out more about payments here: Managing and Understanding Automatically Scheduled Payments
  • Payment method: The name of the payment gateway being used
  • Amount: The amount taken in the payment

Child Summary


The child summary represents the children that are listed on the account. The child ID is their unique ID number in the system. The absence count is the number of absences the child has listed with Centrelink. This is the total number of absence sessions that have been paid across all services during the current financial year.