Xplor Enterprise Open API

About Xplor’s Open APIs

Xplor’s APIs provide Xplor customers the ability to access a wide range of data and information relevant to their provider and services. Our API documentation includes representative code snippets and example requests/responses.

Xplor’s Open APIs have been designed to allow more technical enterprise childcare businesses to access their data within the Xplor platform. Xplor’s list of available APIs will be expanded over time based upon user feedback.

Please Note: Xplor’s Enterprise APIs are designed to be implemented and understood by technical software development teams. Integration with specific business platforms is to be undertaken at the discretion of the child care provider.

Notes on APIs

  • Xplor’s APIs are currently only allowing providers to retrieve data.
  • Xplor’s APIs are not allowing providers to update or create data within Xplor.
  • Xplor’s APIs incur additional charges outside of regular Xplor service billing.

API Documentation

Xplor’s Open Enterprise API documentation can be found here.

Getting Setup

Access to Xplor's Enterprise APIs are issued at a per-provider basis and require you to contact the Xplor team to be provisioned an API key. Follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Get in contact with your Xplor account manager to discuss Xplor’s Open APIs.
  2. Review our billing plans and API documentation to confirm our API terms and conditions.
  3. Xplor will configure an enterprise API key with API request limits issued at a provider level.
  4. API keys will be issued to you by your Xplor account manager.

Xplor will bill API quota usages along with your regular Xplor monthly billing cycle. Please ensure you understand and agree to Xplor’s billing terms before using Xplor’s APIs.

API Limits

Understanding API Limits

There are limits to the number of API calls that your application can make against a particular Xplor provider utilising an Xplor Enterprise API key.

Xplor will impose a monthly API Key limit: determined during setup.

Xplor’s Enterprise APIs also have a hard request limit: up to 1 request per second.

If you exceed either rate limit you will receive an HTTP 503 (Service Unavailable) response with the following message in the http response body:

“oauth_problem=rate limit exceeded&oauth_problem_advice=please wait before retrying the xplor api”

You will also receive an X-Rate-Limit-Problem HTTP header with the value of Daily or Minute to indicate which rate limit you have hit.

If you encounter a limit, do not continue to make requests as this may continue to add to your limitation. The most common issue encountered is the 1 request/sec rate limit. If possible, queue requests and allow a few seconds before attempting to make another request.

What if I exceed my monthly plan limit?

Quite often, applications that you might believe would exceed the Xplor API rate limits, can in fact work within the limits by analysing the structure of how you intend to use the Xplor API. 

However, if you exceed Xplor’s monthly limit, feel free to contact us to purchase additional requests.

What is the best way to handle API requests on my side?

It is recommended that applications queue requests to the Xplor API. This will allow you to ensure requests are within the supported limits, and will also allow your application to function even in the event that it cannot reach the Xplor API temporarily.