Release Notes: 22nd November 2019

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. 

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Features & Enhancements

Office - Class field on reports and exports

To help OSHC services more easily identify the class of a child has added the ‘Class’ field to the Roll Book, Attendance Summary and Master CSV export reports. This field reads from the ‘Class’ field on the child profile.

Office - Provider Menu in Office Admin

The team has resolved an issue where users would see the provider menu item when they only have access to a single provider, this menu would previously log users out. This menu item is now only available to users with access to multiple providers.

Office - Default the service selector if only one service

To assist administrators who only have access to a single service, the service selector now defaults to the first service that is available instead of ‘all services’ when only one service is available.   

Office - Enhanced Enrolment Confirmation Email

The Enrolment Confirmation email that is sent to both parents and services upon the submission of a new enrolment by a parent has been updated.

This email now clearly states the name of the primary carer, the name of the child and the service’s name to help both parents and services identify which the details of the corresponding enrolment confirmation. 

Office - Dr. Option for parent and guardian titles

A frequently requested addition, the team has added the ‘Dr’ title for parents and guardians in the parent/guardian profile tab.

Office - Hide Information on Master Roll

To help users see more children on the Master Roll, various child details can be hidden on the Master Roll child profile section.

Open the Sidebar on the Master Roll and navigate to Settings > Child Profile to see the options for hiding and displaying information.


Office - Additional filter options on the parents page

There are now additional filtering options on the parent profile listing page. Administrators can now filter by parents who are primary carers or parents who are not a primary carer of a child to help find the right profile more easily.


Office - View and restore deleted educators

Administrators now have the ability to view previously deleted educator profiles with a new ‘deleted’ filter option. Deleted educators can now also be restored by clicking the ‘Restore’ button.


Office - Attendances on Master Roll triggering notifications

The team has made a change to attendance notifications based upon customer feedback.  

Now any addition or modification of an attendance made via the Master Roll will not send a notification to parents. Only attendances made on Playground, Home Application and the Hub will trigger a notification.

Office - Removal of Legacy CCMS fields

To help clean up the child profile, the Special Conditions tab that previously provided information for CCMS on the child profile has now been removed.

Government information can still be found under the Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments tab. 

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