Parent Accounts


Whats new? Our April 21st 2022 Release Notes outlined some exciting new features and updates to the Parent Account screen:

  • Actions column is now fixed to the screen and houses a new look icon for Add Payments and Statements
  • Admins can now add Internal Notes to parents accounts
  • Updated Tags function to enable admins to add single or multiple tags to an account. You can also filter parent accounts by tags.

Explore how to use these features below.


Filter Parent Accounts

By default,  you will see a list of all parent accounts. You now have the ability to filter parent accounts in 3 ways:

Search: You can type in a parent first or surname into the search bar.

Status: By using the Status drop down menu, parent accounts can be filtered to view Active, Inactive or Waitlisted accounts.

Tags: Using the tags in the drop down, you will be able to filter accounts to view only those with the selected tags attached.


Email Statements

Email statements to selected parents

  1. Select the parent accounts by ticking the box next to each parent account name who you would like to email a statement to. These accounts will highlight in yellow to clearly indicate accounts that have been selected. 
  2. Select Bulk Email Statement to the top right.
  3. Select the date range. This will dictate which transactions are included on the statement that is sent out. Bookings, fees, payments, etc. within this date range will be sent to parents.
  4. Select Email Selected Parents.


Email statements to all parents

  1. Select Bulk Email Statement.
  2. Select the date range. This will dictate which transactions are included on the statements that are sent out. Bookings, fees, payments, etc. within this date range will be sent to parents.
  3. Select Email All Parents.


Note: Parents will always have access to their parent statements. Parents can access this by logging onto their Home App or by logging onto

Balance Report

Balance reports can be generated in CSV, Excel, PDF or direct to printer formats. Note: you can now generate a CSV (filtered) which will collate a balance report based on the filters applied to the parent accounts screen at the time of request. 



Viewing Statements

In the Parent Accounts screen you will now see a new look Actions column. This actions column is fixed to the left of the screen enabling admins to view statements with ease.

To view statements, click on the new look statement icon Screen_Shot_2022-04-29_at_3.48.31_pm.png. Note: this screen will provide you with the top ten most recent transactions relating to the selected account. You have the ability to toggle through the pages in this view or alternately you can choose from the additional options.  

Download Session Subsidy Statement: Download a detailed breakdown of each session including the hours, fee, CCS received, ACCS received, and the fee-less-subsidy.

Email Parent Statement:  Send the account holder an email of their statement.

Download Parent Statement: Download a PDF of the parent statement.

Export Parent Statement CSV: Download a CSV spreadsheet of the parent statement.


Note: Downloading or exporting a parent statement will open in a new tab/screen.


Viewing Previous Primary Carer Statements

Previous primary carer accounts can be viewed through the parent account screen with ease.

  1. Select statement.
  2. In the account statements screen, navigate to viewing account (top right corner).
  3. In the drop down select the account holder you wish to view.
  4. Done.



Add Payment/Refund

In the Parent Account screen, select the payment icon Screen_Shot_2022-04-29_at_3.51.13_pm.png found under the actions column. Use this function to record any payments/refunds that families have made manually at your service (e.g. cash, EFTPOS, direct deposit). Any added payments will be reflected on the parents statement.

  1. Select payment icon Screen_Shot_2022-04-29_at_3.51.13_pm.png this will open in a new tab on your browser.
  2. Select child.
  3. Select type. Note: a payment will be added as a credit to the account where as a refund will be added as a debit.
  4. Select payment date - this will remain as the current date if not altered.
  5. Enter amount.
  6. Select payment method.
  7. Add comment - Note: this is optional.
  8. Select Add payment to the bottom right of the screen.
  9. Done.


Note: payments will look like this: 



Reverse Payment

If you have accidentally created a payment, you can reverse this as follows:

  1. Select the statement icon Screen_Shot_2022-04-29_at_3.48.31_pm.png of the account holder.
  2. Inline with the incorrect added payment, under the action column select reverse.
  3. Done

Note: This will not delete the first transaction, but instead create another transaction on the debit side on the statement. 

Selecting reverse will not send money back to the parent's bank account, it will only record the reversed transaction on the statement. 

Only payment (not refund) transactions can be reversed.


Reversed payments will look like this: 







Set up tags for your parent accounts to easily sort and filter accounts based on specific criteria. Note: you will need to be logged in as the Provider to create Tags. Once created, any admin account with access to the parent accounts tab will be able to allocate tags onto accounts.

To create tags, navigate to:

  1. Settings
  2. Select Provider Settings
  3. Select Tags
  4. Select Add
  5. In this screen input the Tags name and colour code
  6. Select Submit
  7. Done. These will now be visible to all admins through the parent account screen on Xplor Office.


To assign an existing tag to an account:

  1. Navigate to the parent account
  2. Select the + located under the Tags column
  3. Toggle chosen tags on
  4. Save

The same process can be used to remove tags from parent accounts also. 



The notes features enables administrators the ability to leave confidential notes on parent accounts. It is important to know that all administrators with access to the parent accounts screen will be able to read previous notes and are able to additionally add a note themselves. Parents are not able to see these notes.

Notes are not able to be removed once added to the parent account.