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This article will give you an overview on all functions you will find in the "Parent Accounts" tab

  • Searching Accounts
  • Bulk email statements
  • Balance Report
  • How to add manual payments/refunds (EFTPOS, cash, direct deposit)
  • Downloading parent statements
  • Setting up account tags 


Searching for parent accounts 

By default,  you will see a list of all parent accounts. You can filter the parent account list to reflect "All", "Active", "Inactive", or "Waitlist" children accounts,Screen_Shot_2019-10-07_at_3.38.50_PM.png

You can also search for a parent accounts name in the Search bar located in the top right corner


Email Statements
Send email to selected parents

Tick the box next to each parent account name who you would like to email a statement to.

Click "Bulk Email Statements"

Select the from and to date. This will dictate which transactions are included on the statement that is sent out. Bookings, fees, payments, etc. within this date range will be sent to parents.

Select "Email Selected Parents"

Screen_Shot_2019-10-07_at_3.44.47_PM.pngSend email to all parents

Click "Bulk Email Statements"

Select the from and to date. This will dictate which transactions are included on the statements that are sent out. Bookings, fees, payments, etc. within this date range will be sent to parents.

Click "Email All Parents"


Please note: Parents will always have access to their parent statements. Parents can access this by logging into the parent Home app, or by logging into

Balance Report

Select "Export" > CSV 


This will generate an Excel file of all parent accounts with what their current balance is. 

Viewing Parent Account Statements

In the "Parent Account" page, select  Screen_Shot_2019-10-07_at_4.24.55_PM.png in the "Action" column


Clicking on "Statement" will provide you with the top ten most recent transactions relating to the selected account. 

Additional Options

  • Download Session Subsidy Statement: Download a detailed breakdown of each session including the hours, fee, CCS received, ACCS received, and the fee-less-subsidy
  • Email Parent Statement:  Send the account holder an email of their statement
  • Download Parent Statement: Download a PDF of the parent statement
  • Export Parent Statement CSV: Download a CSV spreadsheet of the parent statement

Viewing previous primary carer accounts

Previous primary carer accounts can be viewed under the "Viewing account" dropdown menu. 


Add manual payments/refunds (EFTPOS, cash, direct deposit)

In the "Parent Account" page, select Screen_Shot_2019-10-07_at_4.25.01_PM.png in the "Action" column


Use this function to record any payments/refunds that families have made manually at your service (e.g. cash, EFTPOS, direct deposit). Selecting "Add Payment" will update on the parent statement. 

"Payment" type will be added on the credit side of statements, while "Refund" type payments will reflect on the debit side of statement. 

Payments will look like this on a parent statement: 


Reversing Payment Transactions

If you have accidentally created a payment by accident, you can reverse this by click on Screen_Shot_2019-10-07_at_4.24.55_PM.png, then clicking "reverse" in the "Action" column for the payment transaction. 


Please note:

  • This will not delete the first transaction, but instead create another transaction on the "Debit" side on the statement. 
  • Selecting "Reverse" will not send money back to the parent's bank account, it will only record the reversed transaction on the statement. 
  • Only payments (not refund) transactions can be reversed. 

Reversed payments will look like this on a parent statement: 


Setting up tags for parent accounts 

Set up tags for your parent accounts to easily sort and filter accounts based on specific criteria. Please note that you will need to be logged in as the Provider to create Tags, but any Admin with access to the Parent Accounts tab can apply and filter by available Tags.

To do this:

  1. Select 'Settings'
  2. Click 'Provider Settings'
  3. Click 'Tags'
  4. Click 'Add'


Give the Tag a name, code and colour, then select 'Submit.'

You will now be able to assign this tag to accounts and filter by it.

To search by a tag:

Select  Annotation_2019-11-27_091436.png at the top of the Parent Accounts page, then click 'update'. Multiple tags can be selected at once.

To add a tag to an account:

Select Annotation_2019-11-27_091436.png next to a parent account on the Parent Accounts page. Select relevant tags and hit 'Save'.

Please note:

  • The Tags column will not be visible in the Parent Accounts tab until you have created at least one Tag
  • Only Provider admins can create Tags
  • Parents cannot view Tags