Summary of Reporting Options in Office

Office has more than 30 reports available! Select any of the report types below for more information on each report and where to find them.


Attendance Reports
Report (Location) Summary

Attendance Summary

(Reports > Attendance > Attendance Summary)

  • Child sign in and out times
  • Sign in and out users
  • Total session fee 
  • Generate report based on room, or one or all children
  • Choose any date range


Roll Book & Roll Summary

(Reports > Attendance > Roll Book)

  • Summary of weekly bookings across one or all rooms
  • Allows a user to report on the days children have attended, or are going to attend, based on the Master Roll bookings
  • Useful if you would like to print
  • Choose any date range 

Occupancy Utilisation 

(Reports > Attendance > Occupancy Utilisation) 

  • Find occupancy percentages for your service
  • Divides occupancy percentage by day of week, room and totals the entire service
  • Useful for forecasting child attendances for each day of the week

Recurring Bookings

(Reports > Attendance > Recurring Bookings) 


  • Find all occurrences of booking patterns per single service
  • Filter by Room and Status (Active, Ended, Upcoming, Deleted)
  • This report can be used to track changes for a child's booking pattern
CCS Reports
Report (Location) Summary

Provider Payments Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Provider Level > + Select a Report > Payments)


  • Detailed information on how much CCS was paid for each child
  • Outlines when the CCS was actually paid
  • Choose any date range

Provider Entitlements Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Provider Level > + Select a Report > Entitlements)

  • Summary of parent/guardian entitlements for all children
  • Entitlements include
    > hours per fortnight
    > percentage
    > ACCS
    > absence count
    > withholding percentage
    > annual cap reached

Provider ISS Summary Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Provider Level > + Select a Report > ISS Summary)

  • Provides a summary of an amount that has been paid for a date range.
  • Only report where ISS payments can be found. 


 (Reports > CCS Reports > Provider Level > + Select a Report > Submissions)

  • This report is a summary of the status of CCS submissions for a child
  • Choose any date range

Report (location) Summary

CCS Weekly Payments Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Service Level > + Select a Report > Payments)

  • Detailed information on how much CCS was paid for each child related to a selected week, and when it was related
  • Reports are generated only on a weekly basis

CCS Weekly Submissions Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Service Level > + Select a Report > Submissions)

  • This report is a summary of the status of CCS submissions for a child
  • Reports are generated only on a weekly basis

ISS Case Claims Payments Report

(Reports > CCS Reports > Service Level > + Select a Report > ISS Case Claims Payments)

  • Summary of how much ISS paid for selected date range
Missing CWA Report
  •  List of parent/guardians who have not signed a CWA through Home. 
CCS Notifications Report
  • Keep track of notifications from the government
  • Notifications can include
    > when parents confirm enrolments
    > when enrolments have ceased
    > if the government has recorded a breach
  • Information is generated  up to 90 days prior the date you have selected
Contact Reports
Report (location) Summary

Parent & Child Details

(Reports > Contact Reports > Select Parent & Child Details


Profiles > Children > Top Right > Export > Master CSV)

  •  A report on all child and parent information in one report!
  • All of this information is pulled from Profiles > Children

Child Emergency Contacts

(Reports > Contact Reports > Select Child Emergency Contacts)

  •  A report on all emergency contact details linked with each child and their contact details

Educator Details

(Reports > Contact Reports > Select > Educator Details


Profiles > Educators > Top Right > Export > CSV)

  • A summary of all your educators and their contact details.

Educator Qualifications

(Reports > Contact Reports > Select Educator Qualifications)

  • A summary of all educators and their educator qualifications.
Financial Reports
Report (location) Summary

Aged Debtors

(Reports > Financial Reports > Age Debtors > Input Preference > Generate)


  • Balance a parent is owing within a date period for families accounts
  • Find out how long debt has been outstanding
  • Reporting parameters include As at date (end of day)
  • Includes:
    > child and parent name
    > total owing (depending on date parameters selected)
    > parent email 
    > parent mobile number
    > inactive and active children

Detailed Accounts

(Reports > Financial Reports > Detailed Accounts > Input Preference > Generate)

  • Detailed information on a parent's account transactions
  • Includes a breakdown of
    > daily fees
    > subsidies
    > debits/credits
    > final account balances for the period

Family Reconciliation

(Reports > Financial Reports > Family Reconciliation > Input Preferences > Generate)

  • Details any family fees or discounts less any parent receipts or refunds.
  • Report parameters include Date Range.
  • Useful for keeping track of fees other than booking fees.
  • Includes:
    > session fees
    > other fees (financial fees)
    > payments/refunds
Financial Adjustments
(Reports > Financial Reports > Financial Adjustments > Input Preference > Generate)
  • Summarises all financial adjustments applied to accounts at a service level.
  • Preview Summary: totals
  • Export CSV: all raw data
  • Report parameters include Date Range.

Income Summary

(Reports > Financial Reports > Income Summary > Input Preference > Generate)

  • Income summary information on for services and providers.
  • Includes:
    > Financial adjustments
    > CCS
    > Session fees

Parent Transaction

(Reports > Financial Reports > Parent Transaction > Input Preferences > Generate)

  • Different types of payments to the service including all payment methods (manual, or direct debit)

Prior Period Adjustments

(Reports > Financial Reports > Prior Period Adjustment > Input Preferences > Generate)

  • Information on booking revenue for prior periods at a provider level
  • Including
    > gross revenue, discounts
    > net revenue
    > government subsidies 
  • Broken down by care type


(Reports > Financial Reports > Revenue > Input Preferences > Generate)

  • Booking revenue at a provider level
  • Includes
    > gross revenue
    > discounts
    > net revenue
    > CCS
  • Broken down by care type.
  • Includes revenue totals for each service.

Debtors at Date

(Reports > Financial Reports > Debtors at Date > Input Preferences > Generate)


  • Gives you a parent's owing balance at any point time time
  • Contact details and Account Tags are included

Parent Gap Fee

(Reports > Financial Reports > Parent Gap Fee > Input Date > Export)


See this article regarding the relevant use of this report.
Service Reports
Report (location) Summary

No Bank Details

(Reports > Service Reports > No Bank Details)

  • Summary of all parents who have not yet saved their bank details.
  • Includes:
    > parent name
    > email address
    > mobile number
  • Choose the date as of a chosen date

Wait List

(Reports > Service Reports >  Wait List)

  • Summary of children who are on the "Wait List" status
  • Choose the date range
  • Filter by room
  • Includes: 
    > child name
    > child DOB
    > age
    > enrolment start date
    > room name
    > booking days
    > parent details

Active Parents Report

(Reports > Service Reports >  Active Parents Report)

  • Summary of parents who have not yet set up their account
  • Useful for new services
  •  Includes:
    > parent name 
    > indicates if parent has set password
    > indicates if parent has logged in 

Parent Billing Schedule Report

(Reports > Service Reports >  Parent Billing Schedule Report)


  • This report shows the billing frequency of parents and any direct debit fixed limits.
  • Includes the parents last scheduled payment
  • Filter by Child Status

Medical Quicklist Report

(Reports > Service Reports >  Medical Quicklist Report)


  • Lists medical requirements for children, including dietary and allergy.
  • Includes emergency contact information.
  • Filter by children with or without bookings
  • Runs per service
Other Reports
Report (location) Summary

Parent Balance Report

(Financial > Parent Accounts >   Top Right > Export > CSV)

  • Provides a summary of parent account balances. 

Bond Payments

(Financial > Bond Payments > Right Hand Side > Export CSV)

  • Report of all bonds that have been received and returned

Birthday List

(Dashboard: "Birthday List" widget)


  • Summary of DOB of each child
    • Includes age of each child in months and years