Office Web: Monthly Billing (UK Only)

The following information only applies to services in the UK.

What is monthly billing?

The Office Monthly Billing feature allows administrators to select a group of bookings on the Master Roll and evenly distribute their fees across a range of months. This results in parents being billed for the same amount every month on their statement.

How does it work?

Please Note: In order for monthly billing to work, admins will first need to create bookings from the Master Roll.

Monthly Billing is configured through the Master Roll. An admin can configure monthly billing by clicking on the calendar icon on the child profile

If the date range selected is in the past, the icon is either grey with minus sign or green with a tick. If the date range selected is in the present or future, the icon is green with either a tick or a plus sign. 

A grey calendar with a minus means that there was no billing plan for that month in the past.

A green calendar icon with a tick shows that the child already has a monthly billing plan active.

A green calendar icon with a plus shows that the child does not have a billing plan active for this month.

For monthly billing to be configured, it needs to occur in the future, on the first day of a month. 

To add a new monthly billing plan, an admin will need to navigate to a future month and look for a green calendar icon with a plus.

Upon clicking on the calendar icon, the ‘Add Monthly Billing’ modal will popup. Please Note, admins cannot select a finishing date for the billing plan in the past.

If there are no bookings within the range supplied, admins will see an error message asking them to adjust the date ranges selected and the preview button will be locked.

If there are correct bookings within the date ranges specified, the preview button will allow the admin to click to the next screen.


On the preview screen admins can see the bookings that will be part of the monthly billing ‘contract’ and have the option to select the bookings they want using the filters provided.

The monthly billing amount will re-calculate as more bookings are added or removed from the monthly billing contract. 

Once the admin is happy with the monthly billing contract and the selected bookings, pressing on ‘Add Monthly Billing’ will create the recurring monthly bill at the amount specified.

Clicking on any green calendar with a tick will bring up the monthly billing contract for the selected month. 

On this modal admins can also see the status of individual bookings within the monthly billing contract including a status to show if the booking has been invoiced for already or is upcoming.

From here admins can choose to ‘Stop Monthly Billing’. Please note that stopping a monthly bill will only apply for future un-invoiced months.

All bookings that are part of the monthly bill will also show with a green ‘Monthly’ badge on the Master Roll.

You can also use the search filters on the Master Roll to find only monthly billing bookings.