Release Notes: 13th September 2019

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. 

Features & Enhancements

Xplor Care App Notifications

Xplor has improved notifications received by parents via the Care app to include more of the events triggered in the Playground App. Parents will now receive notifications for new observations created via Playground app as well as Sign in and Out events.

From next week, we will also be adding in notifications for the following events: 

  • Sleep events, including the beginning and end of a sleep
  • Sunscreen being applied
  • Nutrition events
  • Toileting events

Parents are able to toggle notifications on or off using their phone’s settings for Care App.


Booking Notifications

Users of Xplor Office will now be able to action parent booking requests from any screen in Office. Booking notifications have been moved from the dashboard widget to the header bar, next to our help button.


The notifications bell will show a count of outstanding booking requests. Clicking on the bell will open the notifications side-bar, showing booking requests made by parents in the Care app. Admins can action these booking requests from any screen by clicking them and following the steps.


Clicking through to a notification shows the date that a booking request is for and lets users select the room and fee for a booking. There is also an indicator of who made the request, as well as the time and day that the request was made, allowing centres to apply late-change or early-bird fees as required.


As part of this change, the Booking Notifications dashboard widget is being removed. Users will be able to access and action all booking notifications from any screen in Office without having to navigate away from the current screen.


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