Release Notes: 23rd August 2019


Product Update

Playground Web - Improved Messages and Flow

We have released an update to Playground Web this week to improve the experience of users who are creating, editing and publishing documentation and plans in Playground Web.


Features & Enhancements

Playground Web - Draft, Published and Unpublished Changes

Documentation and Plans will continue to be labelled to show whether it is in a “Draft” or “Published” state. Any Document or Plan that is Published to parents, but has been edited without publishing will now be labelled “Unpublished Changes”.


Playground Web - Helper Text

Viewing a preview or full screen view of Documentation and Plans now includes helper text of what state your work is in, as well as instructions on how to make your work available to Parents.

Below is an example of the helper text in a preview window for a draft.


On viewing a full screen version of a document or plan, the helper text will let you know whether or not a parent can view this version, when it was last published and instructions on how to show parents the latest version.

Office - Help and Chat button

In response to user feedback, the help and chat button has been moved to the top right of the Office header bar.


Clicking on the speech bubble will now trigger the search and chat functions to pop up in the bottom right of the screen. This will prevent any of the menu items being covered by the pop up which was affecting the experience for users on smaller screens.

Into the future

We’re committed to a number of enhancements and updates for Playground Web. Over the coming weeks you’ll be seeing further changes to improve our users’ experience and improve stability of the platform.


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