Understanding your Statement of Entitlement CCS


Week: This represents the week that subsidy is being paid for. The week is represented by the Monday at the start of the week.

Child Name: The name of the child the data represents.

Type: This is a government data point. It represents the type of fee being used. This is not going to affect subsidy payments in any way, it is simply a reporting tool

Hours: The number of hours of child care subsidy used by that child within the week.

Fee: The total fee of childcare that has been used in the week BEFORE subsidy payments.

CCS: The total CCS subsidy that has been paid or is estimated to be paid by the government for that week.

CCS %: The CCS entitlements on the enrolment during that week.*

CCS Hours: The CCS hours entitlements on the enrolment during that week.*

Please note that these figures won't necessarily be up to date. If the government makes changes to past weeks, these will not update on the statement of entitlement. For the most accurate figures of subsidy payments, please refer to the transactions list on the statement.