Release Notes: 9th August 2019

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. Remember to check in regularly to ensure you receive helpful updates on new features.

Product Updates

Playground Web enhancements

We are committed to a number of enhancements and updates for Playground Web. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing a series of changes to improve our users’ experience and improve stability of the platform.

Features & Enhancements

Playground App Version 2.1

Next week marks a major update for the Playground App. Our focus in this version has been for stability behind the scenes but we’ve included a few improvements and fixes, outlined below. 


Playground - Bug Fixes

We have corrected an issue in Playground App which prevented tagging children who had been signed out or did not have a booking. Educators can now tag any child at a service by room or by filtering for “other children” who are not located in any specific room.

Users identified an issue where a new Document or Plan in Playground Web would not appear on the dashboard until a refresh was triggered. We’ve corrected this and now new documents will appear on the Playground Web dashboard and in Documentation and Canvas lists.


Playground App - Observation Enhancements

The Playground App now offers a save as draft button on observations. You are now able to save an observation as a draft without exiting the observation.

Educators can now view drafts that have not been uploaded by navigating to the “Offline Drafts” tab when you “View All” Observations. Educators can delete drafts from this screen. Tap on an offline draft to view it, make edits and publish.



Playground Web - Saving and Auto-Saving

Playground Documentation now show a “Save as Draft” button to allow you to save your work as you go. 

Documents on Playground Web will now auto-save locally on your computer if they are unsaved drafts, allowing you to recover or discard your work. If you have saved your document, the auto-save will keep your draft up to date.



Office - Style Updates

We have made some minor updates to colours across the entire Office platform. Included in this is an update to the pill that displays paid CCS on the Master Roll. CCS payments are unaffected by the style change, but the pill will now display in a lighter green than previously.


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