Release Notes: 26th July 2019

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Product Updates

Bulk Edit Bookings - Rooms & Fees

As announced on Tuesday 23 July, we are excited to announce the release of a much anticipated feature for the Master Roll. 

Administrators are now able to edit bookings in bulk by changing the room or fee. To begin with, administrators can select multiple children and choose to either change the room or fee associated with the selected children’s bookings. 

All changes are presented via the preview window, which allows administrators to preview all changes and select those you wish to action.

Follow our guide to learn how to edit bookings.

Features & Enhancements

Bulk Edit Bookings Update - Holidays & Absences

To add to the functionality released earlier this week, Office now allows administrators to edit both holidays and absences in bulk via the edit button on the Master Roll.

Please note: By applying holiday or absence to a booking with an existing attendance, you will remove the attendance from the booking.

Updated Statement of Entitlement

The CCS statement of entitlement for parents is receiving some updates to include an enhanced layout and some new information.

Parents and services will now be able to see whether a government CCS payment has been made out to the service or to the parent directly.

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