Release Notes: 2nd August 2019

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. Remember to check in regularly to ensure you receive helpful updates on new features.

Product Updates

Playground Web enhancements

We are committed to a number of enhancements and updates for Playground Web. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing a series of changes to improve our users’ experience and improve stability of the platform.


Features & Enhancements

Master Roll - Add and Delete Bookings improvements

Administrators will now be able to select from Date, Times, Room, Fee and Type when creating or deleting bookings. 


This will allow administrators to select different sets of bookings in bulk to add or delete, particularly helpful for removing only BSC or ASC bookings over a normal OSHC booking pattern.

Playground Web - Dashboard

We have resolved an issue on the Playground Web dashboard where documents were showing both a draft and published version. Users will now see only the most recently updated version of a document on the dashboard, removing duplicates.


Playground Web - Observation Media Upload

Educators and admins are now able to select multiple media files to attach to Observations created in Playground Web. Up to 16 images or 15 images and a video are able to be selected from the add media screen. 


Updated Statement of Entitlement

The CCS statement of entitlement for parents has received updates to include an enhanced layout and some new information.

Parents and services will now be able to see whether a government CCS payment has been made out to the service or to the parent directly at a session basis. This is information that is being received directly from the government and can assist in reconciling payments. 


SMS Bad Debtors Upgrade

You can now SMS up to 50 Top Debtors at your service by selecting the number visible through the "Top Debtors & Creditors” Dashboard widget.

This will notify the parent that they have overdue money owing to the service.

Example SMS Text:

"[Centre Name] has noticed your account statement needs attention. Please login to Xplor for more info."



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