Edit Bookings - Fees, Rooms, Booking Type

Editing Bookings 

A booking can be edited to update the fee, room or booking type. This can be done for a single booking, or for multiple bookings (for one child or multiple).



Editing Single Booking
  1. Go to the Master Roll and find the child's booking
  2. Click on the Booking to open it
  3. Select the new room, fee or booking type
  4. Click 'Update Booking'
Editing Multiple Bookings

1. Tick the box next to the child's name

2. Click 'Edit' in the top right-hand side

3. Select a Start Date

4. Select an End Date

5. Untick the days that are NOT to be changed, so the days remaining are the bookings you wish to update

6. Click 'Select Edit Operations' and choose 'Change Room', 'Change Fee', 'Change Absence' or 'Change Holiday' based on what you want to edit

7. Choose the Room, Fee or Absence type you want to give the bookings respectively

8. Click 'Preview'


9. Tick the box next to 'Status' to select all the bookings marked 'OK' to change

10. Click 'Change _______'


Warning Messages

Conflict: changing your bookings to the new Room/Fee would cause them to be scheduled at the same time as another booking that day (if you have multi-bookings) OR the booking is already assigned the Room/Fee you are trying to change it to


Multiple: you have two or more bookings on that day that you could change to the new Room/Fee. Select the booking that day you would like to change by ticking the box.



Please note: You cannot edit more than 1000 bookings at a time