Roster Calendar

The Roster Calendar can be found under the 'Rostering' tab on prodadmin. This is the page from which educator shifts can be added, deleted and edited. 


Creating a New Single Shift

To create a new shift for an Educator:

1. Click the '+' next to the educator name on the date you would like to add. 

2. In the pop up box, fill in the educators shift details in the spaces provided.

  • Shift start and end date
  • Select Room 
  • Shift duration will pre-fill based on start and end time
  • Select the position from the drop down
    • This will update the options for Pay Classification
  • You can specify if it is a broken shift, if a uniform allowance is relevant, and if there are set breaks

3. Add breaks

  • If there is only one break, insert a break start and end time 
  • Click 'Add More' if multiple breaks are being added.

4. Select the colour scheme: This does not dictate anything except the shift colour that will appear on the calendar. Use this for display purposes. The colours will appear when the calendar is exported.

4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the box.

Creating Multiple Shifts

A shift can be added to multiple educators and/or multiple days with the same details.

1. Click the '+' next to one of the educator names on one of the dates you would like to add. 

2. Under 'Shift Date', select multiple the dates the shift will be added to in the calendar.

3. Under 'Select Educator', select the names of the educators the shift will be assigned to

4. Complete the rest of the details of the shift and click "Save" at the bottom of the box


Copying Shifts
The system provides the ability to copy a full week of shifts for all educators into future weeks. Currently this will be all the shifts for the week. Shifts can only be copied to weeks which have no shifts. 

To do this, head to Rostering > Roster Calendar > Navigate to the week to be copied > Copy Shifts. Select the date of the week the shifts will be copied to > Copy Shifts

When copying a shift over from a previously approved shift, the newly copied one will automatically be pasted in approved status.
Send Shifts Notification 

To notify staff of the changes you have made to the roster, click the 'Send Notification' button. This will notify all staff of all changes you have made to their shifts since you last pressed the button. The educator will be sent an email with the details of any shifts that have been added since the last time they were notified. The email appears like below: