Office Web: Rostering (Roster Calendar)

Roster Calendar: Where you create new shifts


To create a new shift for an Educator:

  1. Click the '+' next to the educator name on the date you would like to add.
  2. In the pop up box, fill in the educators shift details in the spaces provided. Click "Save" at the bottom of the box.


Shift Details

  • If relevant, you can add in an alternate role the Educator fills during the day, and the pay classification for that role
  • You can also specify if it is a broken shift, if a uniform allowance is relevant, and if there are set breaks
  • Colour Coding: use the colour coding to help you determine your Nominated Supervisor, Certified Supervisor, ETC, 2IC.
  • The only necessary sections are: shift date, shift start time, shift end time


To create multiple shifts:

  1. To create multiple shifts for the educator, click multiple dates in the calendar view
  2. If you want to create the same shifts for multiple educators, click multiple educators under the 'Select Educator' drop-down box



Once you have saved shifts, this is what it will look like:



To notify staff of the changes you have made to the roster, click the 'Send Notification' button. This will notify all staff of all changes you have made to their shifts since you last pressed the button.