Office Web: Service Settings (Booking Rules) - Attendance Sign In Grace Period



What is Attendance Sign In Grace Period?

This dictates how many minutes a parent can sign their child in before the booking start time.

The booking start time will be based either on your Fee times or Room times, depending on your service set-up.

By default, all services are set to 90 minutes.

If a parent attempts to sign in earlier than the Grace Period, and there are no casual booking rules which apply to that time period either, the sign in will fail.

How do I change the Grace Period?

Click on Settings > Service Settings > click on your service > Booking Rules

Under the heading 'Attendance Sign In Grace Period' you can select the number of minutes you want your Grace Period to be, and then click 'Update.'


Things to consider:

  • Parents will not be able to sign their children into a booking if they arrive before the Grace Period
  • The Grace Period is for all bookings in the Master Roll
  • If you have set up Multi-Sessions, you do not want your Grace Period to overlap with the next session time