Playground App: Communicating with Families


We are committed to simplifying childcare administration so that Educators can spend more time educating children, and less time performing basic administrative tasks.

Following this philosophy, Playground provides a number of easy ways families can communicate with their childcare centre which do not involve Educators taking time away from observing child learning.

Observations Tab

The primary means of communicating about child-learning to families is through the Observations tab, in the Playground App. This is used to share the learning experiences of children throughout the day.

Beyond Observations, the tab can also be used to:

  • Share quick snapshots of learning
  • Share photos of children
  • Communicate lost property notices
  • Share meal times
  • Remind parents of upcoming events

The Observations tab is designed to declutter the parent communication experience. By tagging child only in posts relevant to them, which include their learning experiences, and their photos, parents receive more meaningful information, direct to their mobile devices.

Benefits include:

  • The ability for parents to comment on Observations, showing family feedback into the learning program
  • The ability to link the NQS to parent posts, stories, and Observations
  • Sharing learning with families throughout the entire day, not just rest time, or the end of the day
  • Accessibility through mobile devices or the web

Health Events

Families can be reassured their children are being nurtured throughout the day, with easy access to Health Records through the Parent App.

Through the child's timeline they can see:

  • Nappy Checks
  • Sleep Times
  • Medical Events
  • Nutrition

Playground Web

Those are the ways that Educators can communicate with families through the Playground App. For longer posts such as Newsletters, Day Books, and Educational Programs, Playground Web can facilitate this through the Documentation and Canvas tabs.

Parent App Bookings tab

Any communication concerning parent bookings, including late pick up or drop off, notification of absences and holidays, or additional booking requests should go through the centre administrative staff.

Parents can communicate these needs with their centre through the Parent App Bookings tab.

Administrative Notifications

General parent communications can be sent from the service to parents through the Admin Post functionality in Office. This can include URL links to documents hosted online, or website.


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