Release Notes: 28th June 2019

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Features & Enhancements

Bookings 2.0

We have released new bookings functionality which allows services more flexibility with casual bookings and multi bookings. Services can now book children in for multiple sessions in a day, sign children in casually via the Playground App and make use of configured rules for casual and mobile bookings made by parents.

Bookings 2.0 includes many hotly anticipated features, including: 

  • Multiple, non-overlapping bookings in a day - useful for creating bus bookings, excursions or kindergarten long-day sessions 

  • Casual bookings from sign-in on the Playground Application

  • Booking rules engine for both casual sign-ins and the parent mobile bookings feature

  • The ability to create non-subsidised fees, useful for excursions or bus list bookings

Please Note: the following important changes to bookings:

  1. Room shuffling for OSHC bookings now no longer applies. In order to retain this feature, OSHC services will need to create at least 2 Booking Rules, one for BSC and another for ASC sessions. Otherwise, all casual bookings created will be for the system defaults.

  2. The parent mobile bookings feature will now only display bookings defined in the Booking Rules. If no rules are defined, parents will only be able to book into the system default booking. To continue to provide parents with a variety of available bookings, services will need to define booking rules.

Playground App V2.0

The Playground Application for educators has now been updated to version 2.0.

Playground 2.0 contains many new features including support for multiple bookings and support for casual bookings.

The Dashboard view has a brand new design and now includes the number of children signed in instead of the previous number of children booked in.


Casual bookings now allow services to see a list of ‘Other’ children who can be signed into the room that is selected. Children must not be currently signed into another booking or have any bookings in other rooms to be signed in casually.

Multiple bookings now allow services to create any number of bookings they wish and view every booking on the child’s profile. Attendances for each booking are now displayed under the respective booking in Playground along with the room and time for each booking.

Set up of non-CCS fees

Australian CCS Services are now able to flag fees as either having CCS or non-CCS. Non-CCS fees will not have associated sessions submitted to the government. These can be used for bus lists, kinder rooms and bookings outside of normal subsidised time-frames.

To create a new non-CCS fee, navigate to Settings > Service Settings > Fees and choose ‘Subsidy Vendor’ from the fees selector.

Note: All existing fees will be automatically migrated to either ‘Australian CCS’ for all CCS-enabled services or ‘None’ for non-CCS enabled, and international services.

Roles & Permissions

Providers can now configure a variety of permission sets for specific staff roles. Select a variety of menu items and add them to a new role, or select an existing role to delete or update the permissions.

Access this by navigating to Settings > Provider Settings > Role Permission. Only providers logged in with the provider username and password will be able to configure these roles.

These permission sets will apply to Administrators created through Profiles > Administrators. 

By default, all Administrators will have their role set to “Custom”. Any role can be attributed to any Administrator at any time, or on creation. 

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