Playground App: FAQ & Troubleshooting

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My parents can't see any Observations - why aren't they receiving them?
  • Have you made sure that child is tagged in the Observation?
  • The 'Needs Review' tab in Playground Web. If you have set Educators up to require their posts reviewing before they are received by parents, their Observations will need to be approved.
  • Have they received the Observation but not all the photos? Parents can view the first four photos through the App, and the rest through
  • Has the Observation been uploaded in the Playground App or is it still in draft? It will need to be posted to be received.
I am having login issues. It keeps saying 'invalid credentials' when I try to log in.

There are two log-in stages for the Playground App, the Service Sign in and the Educators Sign in.

The Service login details are only available to the Centre Manager, who will need to log into the device as the service, before Educators can start using the App.

If this is not the case, and you are at the Educator log-in stage, please check the following:

Is the email address spelt correctly, as it is in the Educator's profile?

Try resetting the PIN/password

Photos are not uploading to Observations

First check your internet connection. Even with a strong internet connection, each photo can take thirty seconds to upload. If you are uploading high resolution images, these will take longer. Wait rather than trying to repost multiple times: this will put further strain on the server.

I want to come back later and work on my Observation, how can I do this in the app?

If you want to edit an Observation in Playground Web or other devices later, but don't want to send the Observation out to any parents, tag the demo child (there is one for every service under 'Other Children' and post. This will post the Observation to the cloud, without sending it to real parents. When you edit it later, you can untag the demo child, and tag the real child instead.

Will Educators be able to see sleep checks, nappy changes, etc. that they have recorded in a previous attendance? Where can they see this?

Educators can view past Attendances and Health Events under the child's profile in the Playground App.

  1. Click on the child's name or profile picture to open their profile
  2. Click on the drop-down box to select which kind of event you would like to view. It defaults to the event-type you entered the profile from (e.g. the Attendance tab)
  3. Select a date from the date selector, which defaults to 'Today'

Can parents download photos?

Parents can download individual photos their child is tagged in using the Home App or in bulk using the Learning Gallery Archive bulk download function.

How can I print Observations? You cannot print directly from the App. However, you can print Observations from Playground Web. See this article for details.
What can parents see?

In Home App:

  • Any Observations their child is tagged in: all the photos and content, only the first names of other children;

  • Any Documentation their child is tagged in.
    Note: If you include observations where the child has been tagged, you must still tag the child in the document for the parent to see this.
    Any observations in the document where the child is not tagged, will not be viewable by the parent.
  • Any health events recorded for their child

In Home Web

  • The entire Observation their child is tagged in, minus the surnames and profile photos of other children in the 'Tagged Children' section
  • The entire published Documentation their child is tagged in, minus the surnames of other children. Please note this includes any Observations you have dropped into the Documentation.
  • If their child is tagged in a published Plan, the parent can view everything except for Observations and Documentation they are not tagged in which have been included in the Plan. These will appear as blank shapes. They will also not be able to view profile photos of other children, or the surnames of other children.
I can't sign in any children or log health events. The room is faded out! The room is closed! Room opening times are set in Office, in Room Settings. You cannot use Playground in a room until it is open.
How can I tell if a child has photo permissions or not?

If your centre has children without photo permissions, you can see this information in their CHild Profile on Playground App. You can also upload profile photos in Office for children who do, and leave out those who don't. Educators will notice this straight away, without needing to click into the profile.