Playground Web: FAQ + Troubleshooting

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When I try and log in at, I see a page saying "No Playground Access".

Check that your centre has Playground Web enabled. Under your Service Setting > App Settings > Playground > Playground Web should be toggled on. If not, your centre currently does not have access to Playground Web. To change this, please contact your account manager with Xplor.

I am having trouble logging into Playground Web, it says 'Invalid Credentials'.

All users for Playground Web are set up in Office in the Educator Profiles section. Check with your Admin to see which email address is saved against your account as your username.

If you need to reset your password, click here and for more information on logging in see this article.

I cannot see the option to create a Layout when I log into Playground Web.

Layouts are for use with an Administrator or Provider account in Playground Web. With these credentials, you can create a Layout to be used in Documentation, Canvas and Tables. The credentials you use will determine whether the layout is available at a Provider or Centre level. 

For more information about creating, editing and copying Layouts, see this guide.

How do I save a draft of my Observation in Playground Web?

When creating an Observation in Playground Web, these behave differently to other document types; there is no option to save a draft. Observations need to have a child tagged in order for them to be saved and published to parents. 

If you want to save an Observation without posting it, you can create and tag a demo child at your service. This way it won't post to any linked parents but will allow you and your educators to make changes until ready to publish.

I was logged out of Playground and lost my file!

Please note that if your computer is inactive for a period of time, you will be automatically logged out. Documents created in Playground Web are not autosaved, so we recommend saving your work regularly, even in a draft status.

I am in the Canvas tab but it is only showing squares in the Shape Selector.

If this is occurring, check you are using the most up to date version of Chrome as your internet browser, as this will prevent any display issues while using Playground.

I am trying to upload photos from my computer but it is very slow.

Check your internet connection. You can click here to run a speed test. Different upload speeds will affect your ability to upload images. Keep in mind the file size of the photos themselves. High quality, large photographs are often captured by default on modern cameras and phones, and this is quite a lot of data to upload. Click through to learn how to compress your images for Mac and Windows if they are still too large. 

Where can I see sleep checks, nappy changes etc. in Playground Web?

You can see health events under the Reports tab. From here you can build the reports to see the event, child, room or date range which suits your needs best. 

Can parents download photos?

Parents can download individual photos their child is tagged in using the Home App or in bulk using the Learning Gallery Archive bulk download function.

How can I print?

Please view this selection of guides which includes instructions on printing in Playground Web, converting to PDFS and printing on multiple pages.

Where can parent view the documents we create in Playground Web? 

Parents can see content that their child is tagged in through 

Once logged in, they can view Observations, Documentation, Canvas and Tables their child has been tagged in, save images and print as needed.