Playground Web: FAQ & Troubleshooting

I am having trouble logging into Playground. It comes back with 'Invalid Credentials'

All users for Playground are set up in Office (the administration end) in the Educator profiles section. Check with your Centre Manager which email address is saved against your account: this is the email address you should be using. If you need to reset your password, your Centre Manager can also help you with this.

Please note: you do not need to click 'Sign up here' if your service is already registered to use Playground. If your service is registered to use Playground already, all you need is for your Centre Manager to create you a profile.

For more information on logging in see this article.

I clicked 'Save' when creating an Observation in Playground Web, and couldn't find it in 'Needs Review.'

When creating an Observation Playground Web rather than the App, there is no option to 'save as draft.' When you click 'Save' you are posting the Observation to the parents of the children who are tagged.

Tip: If you want to save an Observation without posting it, tag the demo child at your service. This way it doesn't post to any real parents.


I was logged out of Playgroundand lost my file

Please note that if your computer is inactive for a period of time, you will be automatically logged out. Observations and Documentation are not autosaved, so make sure you post your Observations and save your Documentation before you leave your computer. 

We recommend saving your work regularly.


I am in the Canvas tab but it is only showing squares in the Shape Selector

If this is occurring, it is because you are using an outdated web browser which cannot display Playground properly. We recommends you use Google Chrome as your preferred web browser, as this will prevent any display issues while using Playground.


I am trying to upload photos from my computer but it is very slow

Check your internet connection. You can click here to run a speed test. Low upload speeds will affect your ability to upload images.

Keep in mind the file size of the photos themselves. High quality, large photographs are often captured by default on modern cameras and phones, and this is quite simply a lot of data to upload. Re-formatting them to be smaller will make uploads faster.

Tip: It is quicker to upload photos via the Playground App. To add photos to the Cloud without sending them out to any real parents, attach the photos to an Observation in the Playground App, add some text in the Title and Description, then tag the demo child at your service. Then post the Observation.


Where can I see sleep checks, nappy changes etc. in Playground Web?

You cannot check Health Events in Playground Web. You can view finalised Incident Records under child profiles, but you cannot view Nappy Checks, Sleep Checks, Suncream Application, Medication Administration, or Nutrition Events. 


Can parents download photos?

For security purposes, child photos are not directly downloadable. However, there is nothing which prevents parents from taking screenshots of photos both in the parent app and Home. 


How can I print?

Please view this article which includes instructions on printing in Playground Web, including screenshots, written instructions, and video tutorials.


What can parents see from Playground Web? 

Parents can see content that their child is tagged in through 

They can see:

The entire Observation their child is tagged in, minus the surnames and profile photos of other children in the 'Tagged Children' section

The entire published Documentation their child is tagged in, minus the surnames of other children. Please note this includes any Observations you have dropped into the Documentation.

If their child is tagged in a published Plan, the parent can view everything except for Observations and Documentation they are not tagged in which have been included in the Plan. These will appear as blank shapes. They will also not be able to view profile photos of other children, or the surnames of other children.


A draft document is also showing up under published, and a published document is also showing up in drafts

When you publish a document or Canvas, a version of it will remain in drafts. In the case of Documentation, this is so you can still write critical reflections on the document.

Is your question not listed above? Try our Playground App Troubleshooting guide, contact the Support Desk. 

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