Office Web: Service Settings (Booking Rules) - Setting Booking Rules

Screen_Shot_2019-06-07_at_1.13.48_pm.pngThis screen allows services to configure booking rules that will be used to determine both casual sign-in based bookings (such as those from the Hub) and mobile bookings.

When a child is signed-in without an existing booking in the Master Roll, the system will need to create a booking for them. The room and fee assigned to this booking will be based on the Booking Rules you set.

Booking rules are set at a service level from Setting > Service Settings > Booking Rules.

Booking rules are configured by:

  • Selecting a min and max sign-in time (for casual attendance bookings) to apply the rule to

  • Selecting a min and max child age group to apply the rule to

  • Selecting a day or group of days to apply the rule to

  • Setting a room to apply to the booking that is created

  • Setting a fee to apply to the booking that is created

Booking rules are then executed by the system in the order that they appear in the booking rules table.Screen_Shot_2019-06-07_at_1.15.22_pm.png

Xplor suggests that rules are created by shortest bookings to longest bookings, to allow the system to attempt to create many individual bookings before falling back to one long booking.

The hours that apply to the booking that is created are determined by the service’s setting to determine booking times by either room or fees.

The system’s default fallback rule is set to creating a booking using the child’s default room set on the child’s profile with the default fee set on the service.

NOTE: The parent mobile bookings feature will only display bookings defined in the Booking Rules after June 28 2019. If no rules are defined, parents will only be able to book into the system default booking. To continue to provide parents with a variety of available bookings, services will need to define booking rules in Xplor.

NOTE:  Room shuffling for OSHC services will no longer apply after the June 28 2019 release of Bookings 2.0. In order to retain this feature, OSHC services will need to create at least 2 rules, one for BSC and another for ASC sessions. Otherwise, all casual bookings created will be for the system defaults.

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