Release Notes: 14th June 2019

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Product Updates

Bookings 2.0

To follow on with last week’s booking rules release, We are continuing to enhance our bookings offering to include great new features in Bookings 2.0.

To recap, Bookings 2.0 includes many hotly anticipated features, including:

  • Multiple, non-overlapping bookings in a day - useful for creating bus bookings, excursions or kindergarten long-day sessions

  • Casual bookings from sign-in on the Playground Application

  • Booking rules engine for both casual sign-ins and the parent mobile bookings feature

  • The ability to create non-subsidised fees, useful for excursions or bus list bookings

Culminating in the final release of Bookings 2.0 on June 28th, We will be releasing new features weekly to help services transition to this new feature.

Please Note the following important changes to bookings for June 28:

  1. Room shuffling for OSHC bookings will no longer apply after the June 28th release of Bookings 2.0. In order to retain this feature, OSHC services will need to create at least 2 rules, one for BSC and another for ASC sessions. Otherwise, all casual bookings created will be for the system defaults.

  2. The parent mobile bookings feature will only display bookings defined in the Booking Rules after June 28th. If no rules are defined, parents will only be able to book into the system default booking. To continue to provide parents with a variety of available bookings, services will need to define booking rules in Office.

Features & Enhancements

Playground Flow Enhancements

To improve the user experience when using plans, documents and observations in Playground, We have enhanced the user interaction flows to make moving between Draft and Published easier, including:

  • New design for draft plans, observations and documents

  • New buttons for saving and publishing to parents

  • Merged view of both published and draft plans, observations and documents

  • Publish changes to parents and then continue working on a plan or document as a draft, publishing new changes when ready

Print Observations in Playground

We have enhanced the detailed view for observations, making observations in Playground more print-friendly. To access the print-friendly version first select an observation, click ‘View Details’ on the observation popup then print from the full-screen view.

Set up of non-CCS fees

Australian CCS Services are now able to flag fees as either having CCS or non-CCS. Non-CCS fees will not have associated sessions submitted to the government. These can be used for bus lists, kinder rooms and bookings outside of normal subsidised time-frames.

To create a new non-CCS fee, navigate to Settings > Service Settings > Fees and choose ‘Subsidy Vendor’ from the fees selector.

Note: All existing fees will be automatically migrated to either ‘Australian CCS’ for all CCS-enabled services or ‘None’ for non-CCS enabled, and international services.

HTML Editor in Custom Enrolment Forms

The new HTML editor in Office's custom enrolment forms allows services to add multi-line paragraphs, images and more to their enrolment forms.

Services can now add an HTML block anywhere on the form and add longer text such as terms and conditions, from linking to a hosted document to even listing the full service’s Terms and Conditions. We suggests that customers not familiar in HTML markup use a free online Text to HTML converter such as: to paste the HTML code into Office.

Please Note: all URLs added to the HTML editor must include either 'http' or 'https' before the 'www' to work with the HTML editor. We also suggest that HTML links include the target="_blank" attribute to force links to open in a new tab.

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