Playground Web: Ideas



We won't tell you how to do your programming. We leave it to the experts - you! 

If you are looking for some inspiration, or a place to start, here are some ideas.


  • Detailed Observations (with your own headings)
  • Day Books
  • Weekly Reflections
  • Newsletters
  • Day Plans
  • Weekly Plans
  • Policy & Procedure documents
  • Menus
  • Learning Stories/Journals
  • Learning & Development Summaries
  • Educational Programs
  • Centre Philosophies






  • Weekly/Monthly/Term Curriculum
  • Tracking the learning journey of an individual child
  • Tracking a child's emerging interests
  • Tables
  • Canvas in a learning matrix
  • Planning


Here is a learning tree. Each section represents a different area of the EYLF. The leaves are plans for intentional teaching. The stars are the observations of these plans in action.



Here is a weekly plan. You can see the influences on the planned activities each day.


Planning is in the format of the planning cycle: this plan copies the planning cycle. In the 'Observe' section, we have the highlights from last week. Under 'Question', we examine the learning that took place, how we can expand on that, and the feedback we received. This feeds into our planned teaching for the week, and under 'Implement,' we add the observations made each day when we see these plans in action. The Weekly Reflection, written up in Documentation, is added in the 'Evaluate' section.


Track the individual learning journey/emerging interests of each child - a lovely gift for parents after their first year in the babies' room!



Here's a plan in table format: if you like planning out your week in a table, you can create your own.


Display your QIP! In the example above, we've published a Self Assessment showing how a service is meeting the NQS and legislative requirements in the Documentation tab, then added it to the planet Earth, in Canvas. We have also published a Service Philosophy in the Documentation tab, and have made it the Moon here in the QIP. goals for improvement surround Jupiter, and later we'll add the strategies to implement to meet them. In the screenshot below, you can see that both the Self-Assessment and Philosophy can be opened straight from the QIP.