Release Notes: 17th May 2019


Phone Support Closure

We wish to advise you on the 24th May 2019 from 2 pm - 7 pm AEDT our phone support lines will be closed to celebrate our 4th Birthday. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

PLEASE NOTE: Online chat, support tickets and the Help & Learn Centre will still be available during this period. 

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. Remember to stay subscribed to these emails to ensure you receive helpful updates on new features.

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Features & Enhancements

Playground - Planner 2.0

We are pleased to introduce the highly anticipated update to the Playground Planner.

The all-new Playground Planner features over 20+ enhancements and changes which focus on improving usability and making the planning experience easy and helpful for customers.  

With over 20 features including:

  • Double click on a shape to add text to it

  • Recover an unsaved plan from a previous session

  • 20 new shapes in the shape menu picker

  • Resize shapes

  • Change an existing shape to a different shape by selecting the shape and clicking a new shape

  • Change the colour and opacity of a shape

  • Add a background colour to your plan

  • Change the layers (i.e. behind and in front) of elements you add to your plan

  • Enhanced tagging of Children and Outcomes on a shape by selecting the shape and clicking on child/outcome (drag to tag will continue to work)

  • A new view of tagged children/outcomes on shapes

  • Clone shape modes

  • Change the shape of any documents and observations dragged into a plan

  • Added Undo and Redo buttons as well as a Delete button

  • Keyboard shortcuts for undo, redo, select all, delete

  • A new 'Published Plan view' to see what parents are seeing

  • A wider planner view

  • A quick view with a summary of tagged children/outcomes

  • View the planner in full screen

  • Edit the planner from the published view

  • Clicking on an observation in the published plan now shows full observation

  • Clicking a future plan will now open the linked observation

You can see the full list of changes and also get help with the planner in our Playground Help and Learn guides or for specific links to each article see below:

  1. Layering Shapes

  2. Tagging Children and Learning

  3. Cloning Shapes

  4. The Toolbar

  5. Changing Colours

  6. Changing Shapes

  7. Resizing Shapes

  8. Viewing Publish Plans - View observations

  9. Playground Dashboard - Upcoming Plans

CWA Approvals in Home for Parents

As part of our eventual move off of, We are pleased to announce the addition of CWA parent approvals now available for parents in Home Web.

  • To sign or view a CWA in Home, parents access Home Web and navigate to Children (in the sidebar) > CWAs tab.

Playground App - Android v1.3.3

This update of the Playground Application for Android includes bug fixes which will resolve some crashes and various user experience issues including:

  • Observation date not displaying correctly when viewing an observation

  • Viewing the observation gallery only shows the most recent 20 items

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