Financial Accounts - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my statement owing '-$32' when I should be $32 in credit?

Negative (-) figures indicate a credit. If your balance is -$32, that means you are in credit $32

The Payment Summary section only shows payments made via direct debit. Why is this?

The purpose of the Payment Summary is to give you oversight over payments which are scheduled on your behalf. You are able to see if payments were scheduled but manually rejected by your service (Rejected), unsuccessful (Rejected by Payment Gateway), or successfully taken from your bank account (Completed).

Payments made via cash, EFTPOS, direct deposit, or other means, were scheduled and made by yourself, which is why they are not included.

Why does my Accounts tab on the App show fees for Monday when my child does not attend Mondays?

The statement shows 'week beginning.' It does not mean that you are being charged for a Monday, it means these are the fees for the child for the week starting on Monday 13 May for example.

I have a week on my Statement of Entitlement which shows my entitlements as 0%, but I received CCS that week. Why is this?

The entitlement information on your Statement of Entitlement reflects what the government believed your entitlements to be at the time. They will not update if there is a change at a later date, and you are back-paid, even though you can now see you were paid CCS and the gap fee is lower.

For example, if your Immunisation Records are not up to date, and so you do not receive subsidy for a period of time, but you then do update them, and the government back-pays subsidy for the missing weeks, your Statement of Entitlement will still show you were not entitled to subsidy for those weeks.

This is useful if you are trying to work out why you paid more on a particular week, even though it now appears you owed less at the time. Take a look at the Statement of Entitlement - you likely owed full fees at the time, and have since been credited subsidy. 

Why has Centrelink taken back CCS weeks or even months after I received it? Why does it show up as a debt all of a sudden?

The government does not consider you entitled to subsidy by virtue of using childcare services - there are a number of steps you are expected to take in order to be eligible for subsidy. These include:

  • Signing a CWA every time there is a change to your child's enrolment

  • Completing an Activity Test in MyGov

  • Confirming the enrolment in MyGov

  • Keeping your child's Immunisation Records up to date

  • Signing your child in AND out if they attend childcare, or approve third party sign-ins if your centre does this on your behalf

If you have not completed all of the above, your subsidy can be revoked by Centrelink without notice. You are not considered entitled for CCS unless you have completed all of the above.

There are additional reasons why Centrelink may revoke your subsidy:

  • You dispute or reject your enrolment in MyGov: If you dispute or reject an enrolment in MyGov, Centrelink will take back every single subsidy payment made under that enrolment. If you believe that the enrolment information is incorrect, you should contact your Centre Manager to rectify it first.

  • Cessation of care: you are not considered eligible for subsidy for non-attendances either side of your first and last attendance under an enrolment. For example, if you enrol your child at a service, and they do not attend the first week of care, you will not receive subsidy for those bookings. If you do not attend your last several bookings before your child's enrolment is ended, you will not receive subsidy for those days either. This is called 'cessation of care.' Subsidy is commonly revoked when an enrolment is ended after a period of non-attendance (the government will cease an enrolment if you do not attend for 14 consecutive weeks), and the government then counts all non-attendances since the last attendances as cessation of care days. You will need to pay full fees for those sessions.

  • Changes in entitlements: If the government believes your entitlements have changed, and that they have previously overpaid subsidy for your child, they will claim back any over payments.

  • Ending an enrolment for a past date: if your child's enrolment is ended for a past date, any subsidy paid for sessions after that date will have subsidy payments revoked

  • Withdrawal of submissions: if your service withdraws submissions for your child, if subsidy was paid out for those bookings, it will be revoked

  • Varied attendance submission: if your service makes changes to your booking information (for example, deletes bookings) and resends the changed information to the government, you may have subsidy revoked if the changes mean you are no longer entitled to subsidy