Contact Details, Balances & Transactions

The following page will run through parent financial statements. A parent statement can be downloaded by both administrators and parents themselves.

The following information can also be found in our recorded webinar here: Webinar Recording: Parent Accounts & Financials

Contact Information and Statement Period


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These are the business details of the Child Care Service. These include the name of the centre, the Australian Business Number, Address, Phone and Email address.

Account Balance


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This is your account balance covering the child's fees, charges, payments and refunds up until that date.

Opening balance = the balance at the start of the statement period

New fees and charges = any debited amounts that have been added to the statement between the opening and closing dates.

Payments/refunds = any credited amounts that have been added to the statement between the opening and closing dates.

Closing balance = the final balance at the end date of the period. This is the fees and charges less the payments/refunds. It will show as either a credit or owing amount. 



Basic Transactions



7 8 9

The Transactions listing provides the most accurate, up to date account of all the session fees, additional charges, payments, and CCS subsidy paid on your account. Each entry represents a change to the owing balance. If you want to understand why you owe a certain amount, this is the best place to track each change to your balance.


Other Transactions


10 11 12 13

Direct debit payments taken via the the payment gateway will show as 'Gateway Name':SCHEDULED[Receipt Number] and will be receipted to the day the payment request was submitted to your bank. If the word 'Reversed' appears at the beginning, it means that the Payment Gateway was unsuccessful in taking a payment.