Resource: NQS Impact Guide




NQS impacts your revenue. Learn how with the NQS Impact Guide for Australian childcare.


Key insights:

  • 23% of Long Day Care (LDC) providers failed to meet the NQS
  • These services had a 15% lower occupancy
  • Not meeting the NQS results in an 8% lower daily fee
  • Staff costs were higher than average at 61% for services ‘Working Towards’ the NQS



  • Why services with ‘Exceeding’ made $322,629 more revenue.
  • What impact ‘Exceeding’ and ‘Meeting’ have on the average daily rate.
  • How 13% of services achieved ‘Exceeding’.


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Benchmark Snapshot Q1-2019 The new childcare benchmark snapshot is now available for free download. How does your service compare? Click here to download.